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Does fiverr have a technical problem now? i cant get on to th site

i cant get on to the site. help

Hi @nawooo, we are aware of the problem and are working on it.

Keep your eyes on our Twitter page for updates (@FiverrHQ).

i can’t get into it either…i was wondering what was going on.

Sounds like fiverr had an ole hitch in their giddyup today

The site has gone down entirely several times today, and now I’m having issues with phantom orders. I’ll get email notifications for new orders, but they’re not showing up on my “Manage Sales” dashboard. Anybody else seeing that issue? Just put in a support ticket…

Reply to @theironwhale:

Have you checked the “all orders” tab and not just the priority one. The buyer may have bought the gig, but not been able to submit the details as there’s problems with the site.

Just a possibility :slight_smile:

I think today because of the forum launch they have some problems! But i think they will be ok soon :slight_smile:

Whenever I can’t access the site, I check http://■■■■■■■■■■■/FiverrHQ for status updates #:-S

Reply to @scrapebox_:

I had, actually—good idea, though, that’s certainly tripped me up before!

One of the two missing orders finally showed up. The other one, well, who knows. The site seems to be more stable this evening though.

Hi Fiverr, Fiverr website is not open on my browser please check it