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Does fiverr have any formal support?

Two weeks ago, I asked a question about prepaying into a fiverr account on this forum

But I have had no reactions, which leads me to believe…

  1. It is impossible to add funds to your account (prepay).
  2. Nobody reads the posts (only 25 views).

Does fiverr have any formal product support section? I am surprised that a company that is purely online, and based on social media, doesn’t have a better support infrastructure

Most posts get read but some readers don’t know the answers. The forum is active but is lots of sellers and buyers with varied skills, plus a handful of volunteer moderators.

1.) There is currently no way to prepay unless you count selling some service yourself so you can spend your earnings on gigs. I save a lot on processing fees this way.

2.) I’m on a lot, and it seems to me forums are most active between sunrise and about midnight in USA time zones. It’s now 2:25 AM in my USA zone and the forum is slow unless spam bots hit. So, some posts are read by many and some not.

  1. Sure. You can read more about the Fiverr structure on the Customer Support page. At the bottom of the Fiverr pages there are links about everything from job listings to the company. If you need to contact Fiverr staff, check this out: