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Does Fiverr have any SELLER PROTEC METHOD?

Really, i hate these scammer (i called them).

They order from me, and after i deli all. they cancel order ??


Damn, all my money are lost and my works too.

Unfortunately this has happened to all of us, and you can’t do much about it… and if you think that every cancellation (even if it’s not your fault) increases your cancellation ratio, then you’ll go insane… so best not to think about it because there’s nothing you can do in this case.

I’ve had hundreds of cancelled orders without being my fault, a lot of work & time lost on those orders, and that’s it - you have to cope with it :frowning:

This is the system, and we’re still trying to change it from in here, but unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t seem to want to change the cancellation system, because nothing has happened yet after all these years of trying to tell them how flawed and wrong it is implemented :frowning:

As @woofy31 says. But, also in your case, you may be having cancellation problems because your English is so bad.

This post is a mess and hard to read. I also looked at your gigs. And they are really hard to understand.

Maybe get somebody to go over your gigs and fix the grammar errors. Things just don’t make sense.

Also. Saying stuff like: " Pretty sure it’ll be very beautiful " on your gig is not a good thing. You are “Pretty sure” it will be beautiful? That shows you don’t have faith in your own work. And that it might turn out to be crap.

fiverr should verify our work

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thanks for your advice. My English i bad, i know, and i’m always trying to make it better :).

Buyer - most of them always contacting me before they order my gigs, and i’ll make sure that they are " ok " before ordering my gigs, and that’s also a way for me to attract buyer :slight_smile:

Reply to @kimlongvnw: Fiverr system works this way…