Does Fiverr hide gigs from the search results?


Is it just me, or has the following happen to you.

You have a gig that you usually find by searching “whatever” or clicking “level 2” or “top rated seller.”

Then one day, you can’t find it anymore. Does anyone know why this happens? Is Fiverr changing the website again?

I already wrote customer service, but I’m curious if this has happened to you?


It happened due to more sellers joined fiverr and competition increased, it is normal and happens to everyone. Try to refresh your gig’s description and see results, don’t change title.


i also same problem… try to change my gig description…


My profile has changed; so has all buyers without gigs.

Since we don’t have gigs, it’s not a big deal but still it just looks different. That means they are playing with the sites.


How has it changed for u gina?


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Yes fiverr search has some problem.

Due to that currently its not rotating gigs placement by shuffling through all fiverr gigs.

This problem started since fiverr started updating site in nov 2016.

Currently its only rotating a particular set of gigs not all.

If you will search on fiverr for logo

You will see same gigs in Relevance filter and Avg Customer Rating

But it should show highly rated gigs in Avg Customer Rating and other gigs in Relevance filter.

But i think something is messedup by fiverr technical team.;

But there is no use to contact support either as they never listen.

My gigs were selling on a big scale and suddenly since Nov i have no sales.


Fiverr does hide gigs from the search results, but it’s usually gigs like selling likes, followers, subscribers… The usual “not in editorial focus” thing. That’s not your case, obviously.

I tried looking for “teespring headlines”, and instantly found your gig. I tried looking for “brand names”, and couldn’t find your gig on the first page either with the “sort by relevance” or “sort by average customer review” filter; it doesn’t even show when I click on TRS. Definitely weird.


Fiverr’s search algorithm won’t find/display all gigs. I was told this by CS once when I created a new gig and asked them to check it was okay (it was a skype gig). They said it was fine but it wouldn’t appear in any of the search results as the gig wasn’t specific enough. (I don’t know what that meant but I didn’t mind it didn’t appear in search so I didn’t follow it up).

So as well as the editorial focus stuff, there are some ‘loose’ rules it seems.


Thanks for your comments. Brand names is my main moneymaker.

On 3/17 I made $65 from 4 brand name orders.

I was already angry that my gig isn’t found in relevance, the most important section since hardly anyone goes to Avg. Customers Reviews. But for the gig to disappear from Top Rated Sellers, when I’m a damn TRS, that feels like a betrayal.

The search results should be accurate, and they aren’t.

I appreciate all the comments, I can see I’m not the only one being hurt by Fiverr’s endless changes. They punish you for everything- bad reviews, refunds, refunds because the buyer ordered by mistake. Instead of helping us make money, which helps them make money, they move us around.

For example, I searched “brand names” and on relevance, we have 3 sellers on the first row. One is a new arrival charging $350. Another charges $35 and has 2 reviews. Another has 4 reviews, 4.5 stars.

The $350 guy isn’t even doing brand names, his gig is called: “I will help you trademark your brand, names, and designs”

Fine, so why not find him by searching “trademarks”? Why put him on the first row?

I also notice that every time I search brand names, the results vary. There’s no consistency. I would understand if it was searching day by day, or week by week. But going from the first row in Avg. Reviews to disappearing from that and TRS, that’s ridiculous.


Thanks for your comment. Customer service helped me, and now my gig appears on the TRS section.

Fiverr messes with the system too often.


I have witnessed this trend over the last few weeks now, usually my best seller appears in the first two pages according the relevance section but now it appears only when i use the average customer review in which case i should be at the very top but i happen to be found somewhere in the middle.
I guess the search mode has been a bit faulty but i trust the fiverr team to sort this out pretty soon.


I’ve just tried to search for one of my gigs, and out of the two pages of listed gigs, mine is not showing up! I’m wondering why my keywords are not being referenced.


I’ve had gigs get “stuck” in moderation or review when editing them…
Had a rep tell me this once… As a rule of thumb , whenever I do any edits to my gigs … I try to line them all up for edits all at one time and I’ll ping customer service with a ticket to ask them to make sure they are not “stuck” in moderation/review …

Of course I make sure to tell them how bad sales have been… seems to work out.


That’s surprising. When I make changes to a gig, the changes are usually immediate. Whether is changing the price, the gig description, etc.

Gig images and gig videos might take a little more time, but usually is just a few hours, sometimes less.

By the way, I’m surprise Fiverr let’s you have a skype consultation gig. I have an e-mail gig, but my I copy and paste my e-mail gig link, I get a warning from Fiverr, so I have so separate the words e and mail. There’s no dash in the gig link.


Yea , they seem to go right on through now but I’ve had some that just did not show up at all for some reason and I had to create tickets… That was the reason they gave me … “Stuck in moderation/review”

Also , I had to specifically ask them about the skype gig. You just need to get it approved by them beforehand.


But even if they approve the gig, you’ll still get a warning sign every time you write the word skype, unless you attach it, or separate the letters.

I’ve been luckier with my e-mail and LinkedIn gig, even though personal information is shared, it’s never used. Some of my clients will even upload a resume with no address and phone number, that’s fine by me since I don’t need those.


Yeah - something wonky going on with search… I used to be able to find my gig under ‘character design’ within the first page, near the top. Now it’s vanished completely. Can’t find it by search - even under avg reviews. Not sure what’s going on.


All I can suggest is talk to customer service, maybe they can help. I’d tell you to create more gigs as well, but that’s no guarantee you’ll get more orders.

These past few days have been horrible, my earnings have been


That’s a huge drop. I don’t mind making $16 one day if I make $48 or $96 the next day, but this is ridiculous.