Does fiverr influence the market?


I don’t get orders for a while then all of a sudden, I could just receive an influx of 3 orders at thesame time. Does fiverr influence what comes and goes around the platform?


Probably. That happens to me too and I’ve seen others report similar things.


Well, yes. Fiverr is in fact a business, and businesses tend to influence their markets often.


But they keep saying they don’t. That they only create the market. I belive it is greatly influenced


Umm, Fiverr has a staff member who is specifically dedicated to creating and testing the search algorythm, they manually choose certain gigs to feature in different ways, they market specific gigs via email and social media, and they rank gigs differently to try to draw in the most business. They are very clear about influencing the market. I am not sure where you got the theory that they claim not to, but they’ve said otherwise on the blog, the forum, CS responses, etc. They created a platform where sellers can compete in a freelance market and they do all they can to draw buyers to their platform.


When I complain about my stats dropping and not getting jobs even when I share my links on a daily basis. Even complained about my gig not appearing in all the search tags I used. They give a reply that they don’t have a part to play in my getting jobs or my ranking, that they only create the market.


They don’t influence an individual user’s rank on request, which is what they were trying to tell you. They do influence the way all sellers and gigs are ranked, but they do not guarantee that you will show up in search at all and they do not influence ranking based on individual complaints. So, you have to take what you get when it comes to search ranking. They generally recommend that you do self-promotion alongside whatever results you get from Fiverr marketing.

It is correct that they do not play a part in whether or not you get jobs. Their job is to try to attract buyers to Fiverr and showcase the gigs that the marketing department chooses. It’s not about you as an individual seller.


If they market some gigs and don’t market some, I believe that is influencing the market. I now see a tag ‘rising talent’ on some gig and I don’t see it on some other gigs that can be tagged rising talents too. So in a nutshell, they decide whether a seller gets more or less jobs


They decide whether or not groups of sellers are showcased based on their own preferences. They don’t influence sales or ranking based on the individual request of one seller.