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Does Fiverr issue letterheads which Freelancer can use?


I am a translator and was wondering if Fiverr issue official letterhead which Freelancers can use to submit their work to the clients?

Also does Fiverr issue a letter certifying that the freelancer is actually a member of Fiverr and conducts business via Fiverr?

Does Fiverr issue translation certificate to its members who offer translations? if not, do you think it is a good idea for Fiverr to include links of institutions that offer certification for freelancers to be certified by accredited institutions or offer it themselves to freelancer through tests and obtain the certificate?


No to all your questions.

The whole point of Fiverr is that no formal certification of any sort is required to become a seller on Fiverr - they haven’t got the time, money or inclination to verify that any claimed certification/qualification is actually held by any seller - we’re all working on trust and reviews.


Thanks for the prompt reply, I understand, it makes sense, just some clients asked me that question and I told the client, they can do the translation with fiverr and seek a locally authorized service provider to certify its accuracy which will cost him/her less money since all they have to do is certify that the translation is accurate.

Once again thank you for your help, you have given me the exact answers I was looking for.


Sounds like a plan! (20 chars)


What do you mean? I am not sure I follow?


I mean it sounds like a good idea.


I got it, thanks again… it makes sense right? If they like to use Fiverr and later certify it from authorized institution and pay less for that.