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Does Fiverr Market Us To Specific Industries?

Obviously, no one knows how the algorithm works, but I’ve made this observation countless times:

Last month, I received an influx of writing orders related to chiropractic work and similar fields. These made up about 70% of my orders, the rest being random articles or jobs from repeat customers.

This month, I’ve suddenly taken on multiple new clients who work in various parts of the world either as wedding photographers or as editors for wedding websites. These projects all require me to look at photos and write elegant descriptions of them :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed similar patterns with editing projects in the years since I joined Fiverr. Out of nowhere, I’ll have spurts where most of my new clients are coming from one particular field (financal planning for a little while, then yoga, then sewing/crafts, etc.).

Overall, I have a good mix of clients, but there’s obviously some sort of algorithm or marketing tactic going on if the bulk of my orders fall into one particular theme each week/month.

I also have the same experience. But I hope it is due to seasonal variations. As an example if one major real estate company (Eg; Keller Williams) update their banners all the agents belongs to that company has to update their banners. Then we will get lots of real estate banner designs to do.

That makes sense, but I don’t find that chiropractic work and a lot of the other fields I experience this with have a “peak” season. To me, it seems that the search algorithm is in charge of this.

Buyers are encouraged to put in their industry when they place an order, so I’m not at all doubtful that Fiverr uses that information to decide which seller is best fitted to a particular buyer based on the seller’s past experiences with people in the buyer’s industry.

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Yes, I too had lots of chiropractors last month. I get waves of limo hire companies, SEO companies, car rental companies, life coaches, you name it. It’s like all of a sudden everyone gets the same specific business idea.

I’m not sure if this is because of the way Fiverr markets sellers, though. I say this because during a pretty intense herbal tea period I was getting the same kind of orders from outside of Fiverr.

We might be watching humanity’s collective consciousness in action. Either that or the conspiracy theorists are right and we should all be wearing tin foil hats in order to prevent THE MAN from crashing the economy by making us all want to set up a new limousine hire company at the same time.

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I don’t know, but I have noticed something else. It’s that I get orders from particular countries and they are variating on every few weeks.

I’ve experienced that as well.

I think it all has to do with Fiverr’s algorithm to some degree, or that Fiverr is choosing to market the site itself to particular industries (or locations). Maybe last month they reached out to chiropractors :smile:

You may be right. Anyway I won’t bother until I get orders from buyers :slight_smile:

Maybe they do split testing with AD Espresso, and see what works better for them. :slight_smile:

Usually, the last month, I’ve got a lot of orders from Bitcoin blogs. Most likely, they do some testing.