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Does Fiverr Not Pay Us For Our First Set Of Gigs?

Hey, please maybe I have misunderstood Fiverr’s payment method but I am confused and need some answers due to the fact that i have fell in love with Fiverr and have told so many people now I am experiencing what I am about to discuss, I would like to at least be able to explain to those i persuaded to join.

So I joined in March of 2016. Hyped and excited. I’m getting gigs which from March 16th to April 1st never said Funding cleared up to this day it has remained as Order Revenue

Only on April 3rd were two funds cleared just two??? Out of so many before that were just not $5 gigs and I mean they were sure to take their 20% However I was not paid till just recently. Soo… someone please help me understand what has been happening. Spending hours working on gigs and then not seeing your labor can become frustrating.

Thanks for your time,

Belle, the clearing period for funds is 14 days. Once when they become available you will see them next to your user name . You can withdraw with paypal but your have to issue the payment since it will not happen automatically. Hope that helps.

Thank-you for replying How do I issue payments? I know of the 14 days because these in April two cleared and about four more a pending clearance, but those from before never cleared and they were marked completed. So how do I issue payments?

Did you set up your withdrawal method yet? Go to “Revenues” . There you will see Paypal, direct deposit etc.

yes please did that i see the pay pal not talking about that. Talking about those monies that were received early in march never being released into the accounts. It is like they were never ordered or completed that’s how it seems.

yes please i connected my paypal that part is ok but not referring to that. speaking about those gigs in march which I never received payment for. They are just there stated as completed their 20% deducted but never cleared just remained as Order Revenue (view order)

Ok I understand now. Contact customer support and submit a request. They can help you trace it.

thanks :slight_smile: