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Does Fiverr offers any gig boosting service?

Hi there, Today I have seen 4 new gigs labeled with rising talent. They were on the both 1st and 2nd pages. Those sellers are very new. I want to know how they did it? Does Fiverr have any gig boosting or promoting service? How do I avail and use that service?

Requesting for expert’s help. Thanks


Rising Talent badges are chosen by the Fiverr staff.

I suppose you could write to customer service and ask if they would consider your Gig for this badge, but, don’t hold your breath that it will happen. Usually new sellers get this badge because they have gotten orders and seem to be gaining some traction on the platform.



Thanks GG and what about the gigs they were on the both 1st and 2nd pages

I do not know about those Gigs - as said, that is something only Fiverr would be able to answer. I doubt they would give you the formula though on how to get that badge other than to say, “market your Gigs” etc.


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Should I contact on support page to know about the gigs how they did it? what’s your thought GG?

You can contact support if you like - but, they may not give you the full story on what you need to do to get those badges - they may just say “work harder” or “market your Gig” or some other vague things. It never hurts to ask, but just keep in mind that these badges are not given automatically by the system, I think the staff hands them out.