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Does Fiverr plan to add/accept bitcoin cash?

Although I’m currently inactive as a seller for personal reasons, I would love the possibility to buy gigs with bitcoin cash or to withdraw earnings in bitcoin cash. Ok, withdrawing in bitcoin cash might be a bit too much, but being able to pay with it would be absolutely awesome!

I remember the times when fiverr was accepting bitcoin legacy, some of my biggest buyers were bitcoin miners. My guess is that bitcoin legacy payments were disabled because of high fees and slow transactions. But none of these is an issue anymore with bitcoin cash (fast transaction and 0 fees), which is also backed by an enthusiast bitcoin community that cares about adoption and is willing to spend it (contrary to bitcoin legacy users who “hodl”).

Recently, Coinbase added the pairs BTC/BCH and BCH/EUR. This means that users stuck with bitcoins (because of high fees and slow transactions) can now convert their coins into spendable bitcoin cash and use it to buy stuff online. In December, Bitpay too announced that they will add bch payments for their merchants in early 2018.

The market here is huge, bitcoin cash’s distribution is basically the same as that of bitcoin legacy because every person that was holding bitcoin legacy in August 2017, when the fork happened, was credited the same amount of bitcoin cash. The only difference is that bitcoin cash can be spent, while bitcoin legacy is impossible to spend.

When fiverr adds bch I am sure that the buzz will be tremendous and tens of thousands of bitcoin cash enthusiasts will flock the site. I’m sure they will buy A LOT of extras and PRO gigs as well.

Are there any plans to do this in the near future?

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With how crazy unstable it is? No way.

It is not so unstable really, just volatile and in a long term uptrend. Anyway, it still doesn’t matter because when someone pays in bitcoin cash Fiverr converts it directly into $$ @ spot price (whatever the bch price is at the time of purchase) through coinbase (if it uses coinbase). In other words, by adding this option it only opens the door to everyone holding bitcoin cash to come spend it on fiverr (through coinbase), it doesn’t expose sellers to volatility. You still get paid in fiat.

On the other hand though, it could also add an option where sellers may opt to hold the payment in bitcoin cash. In this case then yes, sellers opting to hold bch would be exposed to volatility, but this would require for Fiverr to enable a bch wallet which is more complicated and less likely to happen. For me this would be really cool though, because the price of crypto goes up in the long term. so if you withdraw only your earnings in fiat but let your bch accumulate in your fiverr wallet (assuming that bch buyers will be a minority), in the long term your amount in bch will be worth much more than when you earned it. So in the end instead of $5 each sale will be worth $10-$15-$20 etc…

Bitcoin is so dumb. It is going to die out in the next few years.
Sorry but it won’t happen.


That’s another topic. What matters is that a lot of people own bitcoin cash right now and they want to buy stuff with it (on fiverr). Are you saying you don’t want their money?

I’m a bitcoin supporter. When it came out everybody said it would die out soon, and then it exploded lol I’m not sure if this is within Fiverr’s plans, but I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

It is important to differentiate between bitcoin legacy and bitcoin cash. Fiverr was actually supporting bitcoin legacy before. Then it became unusable due to high fees and slow transactions, so they removed it. Not sure what the official reason was though, this is just my educated guess based on what is going on right now. Steam, Microsoft, Stripe have all removed bitcoin legacy because of this. Even OpenBazaar (a decentralised fiverr alternative in embryonic stage), which was created for bitcoin legacy specifically, now has adopted bitcoin cash instead.

I think bitcoin cash is the perfect opportunity for fiverr to make headlines in crypto. Bch has a really solid community behind it, all the original bitcoin supporters/investors are now behind bitcoin cash. This is a very pro business community, full of doers from all over the world who need things done. The best thing is they are big spenders, they understand business, they won’t ask sellers to do wonders for $5. I’m sure a lot will buy only pro gigs or big packages for quality work. Graphic design, content, marketing, you name it.

On Twitter I see randomers receive $1-$5-$10+ tips in bitcoin cash all the time (can be converted in usd by selling in an exchange). I myself have received over $500 in random tips from perfect strangers through my viral accounts. Someone posted a video on Youtube of a full conversation where he was explaining to his friend how bitcoin cash works, and received a $2k tip even though the video had less than 1k views [they send tips using a tip bot on twitter, all they need is your account handle].

So why not have these guys spend their money here too? It will make Fiverr much better for everyone.

Not sure how this works but there has been countless posts suggesting new additions to the withdraw and payment system for years yet not much has taken place. Who knows, they might reconsider some time in the future.

I sell real estate and some guy wanted to buy a piece of land from me for 30 bitcoins. I never rolled my eyes so hard in my entire life.


Haha Very smart… :smile::smile:

Currently that’s 322,799.85 US Dollars or 261,569.38 Euro last month it would have been lower. Currently the value of Bitcoins is soaring.

Fantastic. Only $2,077,200.15 short of what the actual piece of land was worth.

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Soaring, or crashing?

Last month 1 bitcoin was over 8000 US dollars.

But 2 months ago it was 19,303$ for one bitcoin. That sounds like a ship I would jump off of quickly.

Yeah it has been very volatile in movement these past months. I am assuming this is because a lot more people are paying attention now and buying and selling has increased.

The more logical idea is that on February 5th, during the stock market correction, people got freaked out and decided to invest in Bitcoin because so many people claim that it is more stable or something. Many people believe that cryptocurrencies will survive a stock market crash.

Since that seems to be a load of crock, it would not shock me if cryptocurrency prices dropped again in the coming months. As both Bitcoin and Ethereum were dropping dramatically in price weeks before February 5th.

Why not just invest in regular old stocks and bonds then? At least you can withdraw your funds easier

Some well known investors recommend adding it to your investment porfolio. Not sure YET how this is related but in my country there are rumours of us becoming a cashless nation in the not so distant future.

That is a completely meaningless phrase. I can just as easily say “Some well-known scientists thin the Earth is flat.” Just because a couple of experts say something means nothing, I would much rather hear what the consensus is among experts.

In my country, there are rumors of the president being a reptile in disguise in order to gain power.