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Does fiverr really rewards for inviting friends?!

In Fiverr dashboard, I found that there is a referral option. But it doesn’t work rather it redirects to fiverr homepage. Does this really workzz? Or Only I am facing this issue?

My Profile: MS Digital Art

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I heard someone on the forums did it once but it didn’t work.

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:yum: Then why Fiverr doesn’t just remove it? It’s is annoying when you click on ‘Invite Friends’ and you just get redirected to homepage… Right? @psychicbunny

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Probably just some form of gimmick.

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It depends on the country you are in. It works in some places but not others


Really? What sin my country did?:grin::tired_face:

Another thing that I found is when I view my seller profile there is a option to add portfolio site. One of my friend added his site as his portfolio and next day he got banned…!!!

I don’t speak for Fiverr but from what I can tell it’s not a punishment, it’s a business decision.
For Fiverr to make $1 from this promotion, the person who is referred has to spend $25. This is around one third of the monthly minimum wage in your country so it does not make sense to target it with this promotion.

Regarding the portfolio site, you have to use a site that is within the allowed sites and also not have any contact details for you directly as far as I know.

I think I previously linked you to my thread about this, did I not?

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Ow nice business policy… Thank you

Thank you for linking the thread now