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Does fiverr remove the gigs if a seller does not come online in a month or two?

Does Fiverr remove the gigs if a seller doesn’t come online in a month or two?
I want to say if a user has abandoned fiverr from a month then why should their gigs show up in search results? Does the fiverr remove the inactive gigs or not?

Are you asking about going Out of Office? Because if you do not come online then you could get orders that you would not see or be able to complete.

This page:


Remember, the more active you are on Fiverr, the more exposure your Gig gets! Your Gig will be paused if you’re not active for more than 30 days.

I don’t know if that’s actually what happens though.

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No it is not, there are users who are gone for 6 years and beyond and with 1 star review appearing on first pages. But maybe it is because of the system being down.

Though how can you tell when they last logged in to Fiverr?

Or do you mean their last review or delivery was 6 years ago?
It’s possible they might have logged in every 30 days though. Maybe the response time could help show that, if they did actually respond.

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And doing that for 6 years…

It is possible, but why? And who are they?

What possesses them to this behavior?

Just to keep their gigs active. Maybe they don’t pause the gigs after 30 days though (I don’t remember anyone saying that happened to them recently). Maybe that was just how they intended the system to work but the system never actually got changed to do it and you might be right, that it doesn’t work like that.

If a gig is inactive for that timeframe, they’re usually hidden from view in the search. I was Out of Office for around this timeframe and got an email checking to see if I was still active on the site. I said yes and sped over to the site to make sure Out of Office was still active.

In the early days accounts were deactivated after inactivity but I think they stopped doing this when then Vacation Mode was introduced.

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