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Does Fiverr request ID? I'm about to contact authorities

Does FIverr ever request the use of an Government Issued ID? Someone claiming to be from Fiverr is and I’m about make a report to the FBI. Since this person isn’t wanting to clear the air about it I’m hoping someone can verify my suspicion.

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ok, thanks, good to know. I thought so because when I receive payments via Paypal most times I get at least the name of the person who sends it, and sometimes a lot info that I don’t even need. I believed that it was a Paypal thing to send all that data.

Reply to @belengarcia: Not exactly…The whole purpose of Paypal is to keep all that stuff hidden and not visable and make your ability to shop on teh internet safe without having to give all your personal info out.

The only address Fiverr gets is the one you select in your paypal account, you do not have to use any real address for that. Pay attention to that the next time you use paypal to make a purchase, you can select and/or enter a new address. I don’t have my full name on anything or street address for that matter, and I use that for buying things on sites like this. And there is no phone number. Fiverr (or any company you are buying digital goods from that you don’t need to give your actual address to) just gets your email that is associated with your paypal account, and any info you decide to give on that next screen.

I would ignore the message and contact CS. I haven’t heard of this.

Not sure if the FBI has jurisdiction in Ireland.

YOu should email Customer Support to ask them about it. No they should not be asking for your ID out of the blue. However, that being said, I have read a few people write about how they needed to change their country and/or something got suspended with their account and they needed to submit their ID as proof to get the account back.

But no, typically they do NOT request the use of a Government ID. In fact the whole fiverr marketplace is completley anonymous, Fiverr really doesn’t even know anyone’s real identity.

I emailed customer service.

I’m not sure where FBI jurisdiction is. I remember them doing in a raid in Kenya once. Then with recent events and all these agencies forming and watching everyone and their shadow who knows.

I just don’t want my identity to be stolen or something. There is also another local agency in my area that people can use when they suspect someone is trying to steal their identity. The sooner you contact them the better so they can stop it, or monitor it closer.

Don’t get me wrong I’m loving Fiverr. I think it’s awesome I got more done in the last three days for my project that I ever had or could have done in two months!

I thank you all giving me your insight and once again I’ve contacted customer service.

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I’m not so sure about the anonymity. I think that when somebody makes a payment via Paypal, the recipient gets the money AND the payer info: name, address, phone number…

So, when you buy a gig using Paypal, Fiverr gets all that. We are anonymous to each other, but not to Fiverr (from the moment you buy a gig using Paypal).

I might be wrong about this, but I believe it is like that.

Reply to @skyviper: A portion of the FBI mission statement (from is “to protect and defend the United States" so while they do get involved in threats from other countries against the U.S. they probably wouldn’t be the right choice for an identity theft issue against an individual or organization outside the U.S.

Fiverr does sometimes request proof of identity from sellers whose actions are questionable. I don’t know what form that request would come in and contacted Customer Support does sound like a good idea. CS is also not directly U.S. based and can probably advise you on the authorities to contact if you did receive something illegitimate.

Reply to @skyviper: This is what you have to do, I’m a part time (or was, no jobs recently & I speak from experience), an international private investigator, only for affluent clients in the United States only who can afford this kind of justice.

Most of the time if it does not involve violent crime or terrorist funding of some type, the international authorities, will not really look into the case, such as Interpol in the matter. If you are a victim of an overseas crime of any type, the standard steps are these:

  1. Yes, file a local police report, FBI, from your local authorities or who ever you can get an actual case report done and collect that case report from an official representative. Gather as much evidence as you can on the case at hand. Just get a hold of an official case from an official authorities organization.

  2. Find out the exact location of the criminal, this can tie into the later steps as well to get the real location of the criminal if they are good they will use proxy or hacked servers or public servers as proxies to mask their ISP.

  3. Hire a local private investigator from your country/town, to act like an international private investigator, its hard to find someone who are will go the extra mile like I did, especially if you come to find out you are but a single victim tied into a large organized crime syndicate (mafia) but with enough money to bargain with you can negotiate with them to take on the case and give them power of attorney to either go on your behalf to the country to get the criminal OR to work with ANOTHER private investigator in THAT country, but SOMEONE HAS TO GO to the country where the criminal is at and do the rest of these steps.

  4. Once you have located the criminal and have the case at hand, get on a plane and go talk to the local authorities and government at the country of the criminal, find out the structure of the law there, make sure you follow it, some countries accept bribes as well legally too so make sure you know what your getting yourself into or your private investigator make sure your Private investigator has power of attorney to work on your behalf, either way the local authority will have to ask you to visit their country if they don’t accept power of attorney but using an international private investigator will help you stay safe in case you uncover you just picked on some heavy criminals in an organized crime, no joke this is a sad reality and a scary one too, some of these guys have no mercy and will kill anything that might stand in their way.

  5. Once in the country, If there is a second private investigator use his resources and experience from their, together both go to the authorities of that country and seek their cyber crime divisions if they have any such division, tell them and show them the case and follow the procedures.

  6. You will have to see what they offer you as far as justice goes, and safety or options, after you have done this its up in the air as far as what will happen and what has happened to your identity.

  7. Given that you did all this and have a large paper trial you can collect all this information and had it over to interpol and maybe something good will come out of it.

    The most important thing is that you stay safe, your life is more valuable then having your identity stolen and spending so much money on trying to bring justice onto this large world. Solving crimes or crime prevention that takes place on an international scale won’t work until we solve the problems between countries and wars. As long as you can prove to whoever you need to use your identity with, that you didn’t do whatever, or can’t be in two places at the same time, you should be fine.

    I also hope to publish a manual or book for overseas crimes very soon on variety of crime topics, I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and write it. I always wanted to be a detective as a kid, retire in politics, but instead I went into the marines, started a family, divorced, but always had that detective feelings, that’s why I decided to put my knowledge and talent to the test this way as a International P.I. a few years back coming out of the office setting and entertainment industry , it made me see the world in such a different light, and made me proud to be living in a wonderful country like the United States. There are so many things wrong in the world that I hope one day will be fixed so that everyone is happy, safe and living an honest life. I hope that day will come.

    I’m sorry for your issues. I hope I have helped too.

Reply to @skyviper: I’m curious what did CS respond?