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Does Fiverr Sales also affected due to pandemic?

I am on Fiverr since 2017 and was getting good order. but as pandemic started. I losing my sales day by day. And now its time only has 3 to 4 orders in a month. is anyone else also faces the same problem ??
Lets discuss and have suggestions




I saw somewhere that Micha Kaufman (sp?) say the overall bottom line has increased on 5r since the C-19.

Apparently, with people working from home, they’re using more and more freelancers to help out. Even though many people in USA were laid off, businesses still need their skills.

Since SB can’t afford full timers, they are turning to part timers, which includes freelancers from all platforms.

Depending on what you are selling, you could see a surge or a decline.


My sales never slowed due to the pandemic. In fact, they increased a bit. :wink:


Why not join in the conversation here: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

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Same proble… And facing more problem too

Many sellers would envy you because at least you have had 5 or 6 orders in the last 7 days.


So here is mixed experience. I would suggest people to create fresh gig during this pandemic we should try multiple solutions.

As here everyone is continuously hunting for new talent lets make new gig and share you views how its working

May be it depends on Niche as i saw many people who is doing content writing job and there sales increases suddenly during this pandemic.

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Yes, and I proofread those articles for many different people.


Please wet and see and Try your best.

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My orders took a nose dive in fall of last year but I think it’s due to too many sellers being on Fiverr who are all offering the same things. Work has picked up this month, fortunately.


Please what niche are you in

I got affected by pandemic in a good way. My sales increased by about 300% and same goes to the earnings too. I am grateful for that.

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I am in the writing and translation category.

yeah i guess @umerzunair887

You can see the results on this poll. Give your vote as well.

Yes its affect on freelancers sales, But I think most of the old sellers face this kind of problem from last 3 months. Theirs gigs push back to last pages and that really really affect on sales. I think the main drawback of your low sales is that your gigs lost positions on front page of the main tags. If the gigs back again in actual position then the sales will definitely be same or even better.

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