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Does Fiverr scan attachments for viruses?

Seems like most of us sellers deal with a lot of uploads and downloads. Are these files safe to download on our computers? Anyone have experience getting a virus they think may have come here. I have some suspicions about a few things I may be dealing with…

Reply to @kay2809: LOL =))

Reply to @philtabest: I agree. Haha.

Reply to @calimode: You have to buy an X-Ray machine then put your files inside it. Press scan. See the report if malicious particles are found.

JK. Use an Antivirus+firewall like Norton Internet security, pretty cheap.

Oh my goodness, how do I scan a file first? You would think I would know this?! Blerg!

I always scan everything just to be safe.

I don’t think it scans. Make sure to do it yourself after receiving file archives.

I would have thought so, fiverr is a very popular website, a virus attack would be very costly on the company and would impact the business reputation as a whole. As a Sexy Girl once said though, it’s always best to do it yourself. Especially do it if you receive any type of compressed folder, e.g. .Zip or .rar files. This is because, even now most server security solutions don’t actually scan these unless the user unzips them on the server, which cannot be done on Fiverr.

As far as I know, Fiverr doesn’t scan the files.

Reply to @philtabest: “As a Sexy Girl once said…”, “Always scan thy files and thou shalt be protected”

I avoid opening zip files without scanning them first(there are so many solutions but you probably know that already) and never but absolutely never Run any file, no matter what extension. Running a virus on your computer usually translates into a keylogger.

Reply to @kay2809: I’m sorry, I may have been a wee bit distracted by her photo, I should probably just be thankful that I don’t live in Moscow.

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