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Does fiverr scope/pricing packages work?


Hello! Mates, Does Fiverr Scope/Pricing Packages work? For me, it looks like it doesn’t. No buyer has ever purchased or ordered my gig via this Scope/Pricing Packages feature.I think buyers have no time to go through this feature, instead, they simply ask me to send them “Custom Offer”. Another thing is, ever since this feature was introduced, I started losing many sales. The bottom line is, I have not gotten a single order from this feature but I am very cool the way I am selling my gigs. Please, could someone put me through if I am not getting something right? Hope this is not funny?


99% of my orders are packages chosen from my gigs – and I usually have many orders in my queue. So, yes, packages DO work – and I believe Fiverr has the right idea by promoting the feature (and giving preference in search results to those who use this feature).


It depends on your service. Most of my orders are also based on custom offers, but that’s the way I’ve built my gigs. I specifically ask in my gig description to contact me first so that I can make a custom offer. I don’t want users to pick a gig and order it without discussing it with me. Quite often they don’t know what they need and every now and then I turn down requests because I don’t like the buyer or the project.
If I was selling proofreading gig where each package has a different word count then I think packages work just fine, but some services can’t be packaged.

I think custom offers are actually better. You get to pick your clients and add extras if needed.