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Does fiverr search results impact on SEO?

Hi Everyone !
I hope you all professionals are doing well. This pandemic has raised a boom in freelancing.
Now i would ask you all that Does fiverr search results impact on SEO ? Suppose you are a new seller with pro skills, you come here create your gig and wait that buyer contacts you right ?

When you look at your gigs analytics you find that you have got “0-10 views” even in a whole month.
Do you wonder why ? Simple reason is you gig is not showing in buyer’s search result. Your gig is not even on the top 5 pages of a specific category. Believe me buyer is not going to explore even page 2.
Then how it is supposed to gigs get sold for a new seller even he has the best skills ?

Does he needs to pay for the improvement of his gigs appearance on page 1 ? Why does fiverr promotes only the top rated sellers even the normal seller can offer best than that ?