Does Fiverr sellers offer Cheap and Unprofessional services?


I can’t believe some sellers offered to do a cheap and unprofessional service. I think sellers who offered to this type of requests deface Fiverr as an organization. It just means Fiverr sellers offer cheap and unprofessional services. I will like to hear about your view about this type of request.


The screenshot you’ve posted shows a ‘cheap’ buyer. If sellers wish to respond to it to place an offer then that’s entirely up to them.

Cheap does not always equal unprofessional. :wink:


The buyer obviously stated that it doesn’t have to be professional


It could, but given that he left the resume up to the sellers’ imagination, consider this: this guy is an indie movie producer and wants a resume to be shown in a 3 second shot of the movie. Considering that time, he wants something “cheap and not necessarily unprofessional”, because he just wants people to get the idea that it’s a resume.

Exactly. The buyer said that it “doesn’t have to be professional”. For the case described above, I would want something cheap to get the idea across if I were the buyer.


In this case the problem is with what the buyer’s looking for, so I’m not sure why you seem to be saying that it’s sellers who are offering a cheap and unprofessional service?


I think by “professional” they mean as long as it’s decent, it will be ok. Nothing too fancy or expensive.