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Does Fiverr still give out business cards?


I don’t remember this too well but I remember YEARS ago when Fiverr had this thing where you could make your own business cards for free. Or am I mistaking it for something else?
I get people in the streets who are curious about what I do for a living and when I tell them about my business they get excited and ask me for more information.
Would be kinda neat if I could customize some Fiverr business cards and hand them out.
Anyone know if Fiverr (still) has this feature? Was trying to look for it earlier.


I remember it too, but don’t think it’s been on offer for a while now.

Maybe you could find somebody on Fiverr to design a business card for you? :slightly_smiling_face:


I remembered they are partnered with MOO business card. Now no more.
They used to have some fiverr merchandises like t shirt, mug, jacket, stickers too.
During the holiday season, they will give away free stuff to their users worldwide as a gift.
IMO business card is dead & I don’t like to keep them too.
We use smartphone app instead or simply add their social media contact, like FB, whatsapp. :slight_smile:


Holy Baconballs ~ (@Woofy31) :stuck_out_tongue:

Mindblown :exploding_head:

5r offered biz cards & merchandise for FREE?! :hushed:

I snagged a good groupon deal, something to look into.

However, it would be coolio if 5r offered FUN perks again. :tada:

The old 5r days seemed more laid-back and interesting.


Yes, they did :slight_smile: I never got mine… probably people at the post office here stole my merch :roll_eyes:

Interesting fact: what do you see if you visit ? :grin: (I wonder why it leads to another domain, must be Fiverr’s new shop site for sure, can’t be a coincidence!)


They used to sell Fiverr t-shirts didn’t they? I even seem to remember a Fiverr baby onesie at one point?


Hrm :thinking:

I remember they sold cute baby onesies and other stuff. I wonder why they closed up shop?
Imagine the PRO/TRS stuff for sale? :no_mouth:

Or naughty neighbors. :grimacing:

Woofy is an OG when it comes to 5r. :wink:


Yes, I wish to get the fiverr hoodie but since I moved to a all year long hot country, no chance to wear it.

It’s free but charge for shipping so I didn’t get mine because I print at my local biz card is cheaper than the shipping cost. The 5r biz card let you can customize up to your own taste, kinda cool. It also come with 5r debit card in case you missed it, yes, debit card with a 5r logo on it, they partner with a bank which I forgot what name.


Yes it was a Moo-Fiverr partnership to offer business cards at shipping cost.

But the offer is no longer available.


So my friend, this is what happened to me, and I also had the ability to design personal cards


The spreadshirt site used to be Fiverr’s partner for some Fiverr gear. Occasionally mods got to give away coupon codes for shirts but Fiverr decided to work on something different so they don’t partner with spreadshirt anymore. I think they still have old inventory you can buy.

The business card deal was active when I joined in 2014. The freebie only gave a few cards that were printed badly. They don’t do it anymore, but with a coupon you can get 500 nice Vistaprint basic cards for $10 or less. I just bought some for my online shop and with coupon I got cool metallic shiny cards for $15. I’m sure you could get cards with your Fiverr info and cheap.


Yet they haven’t removed the redirection to spreadshirt :thinking:


I get to choose my location, then I see spreadshirt, but nothing Fiverr-specific.

@psychicbunny I got nice free calling cards from a card printing company, they give those if you’re okay with them printing their “ad” /logo on the backside, maybe you can find a company doing that that ships to you, not sure about shipping cost, though, think that might not be included, I only ordered the free ones for private use, and paid ones for business use, so I didn’t pay shipping anyway.

Not sure about using the Fiverr logo then, anyone knows if not okay or seen as free advertisement and tolerated?
Either way, you could put “Psychic on Fiverr TM” or something on it and the link to your profile probably, I guess that’s not really different from sharing your gig on SM, where you get to use that link that has Fiverr logo too iirc.


This post suddenly turn into a biz card design gig promote thread. LOL.
Time to close thread.


Yup. I am quoting was I was told when I asked for potential prizes.

I’m not 100% sure but I think if you use the logo from the Press kit you’re okay. That one has the trademark stuff and it appears, intended to use.


wow, that’s great. Didn’t have the chance to witness that.