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Does Fiverr Support Really Follows Terms & Service?


Recently I got few issues with some buyer who wanted the work done for free.

And ultimately they opened Paypal dispute & got complete refund of $340.

So, I contacted Fiverr Support & they told me that they can’t take any action against Paypal Chargeback as its completely against their Terms & Service. So they can’t do anything in this situation.

“And my question is in the same Terms & Service they have mentioned that orders will not be cancelled after 13 days of marking it as complete.”

And they did cancel 3 orders of mine nearly after 25 days of marking it as complete.

And when I asked this to Fiverr Support that you can’t fight against Paypal dispute as its not in their Terms & Service so how do they cancel the orders after 13 days as no where they have mentioned that it can be cancelled after 13 days also.

Fiverr Customer Support is not replying to my ticket & just ignoring it.

Let me know if there is any update in Terms & Service that I am not aware of?

Or they personally have some Terms & Service of their own that they have not uploaded on Fiverr Website?

Don’t you think its injustice to Sellers here on fiverr as they don’t have any clue when & why the orders can get cancelled?

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s definitely NOT fiverr’s fault as they lose money too when this happens.
I wish people would stop blaming fiverr for this. It’s not anything they can control.

Please try to understand what has happened----the buyer cancelled the sale at Paypal.
Paypal then takes out the money from fiverr’s account. Fiverr loses the money.
Seller loses the money. Fiverr is not doing it, the buyer did it when he notified Paypal to cancel it.

@misscrystal: I completely agree on this :slight_smile:

But I am saying that if Fiverr cannot fight against this dispute with paypal because of the Fiverr’s Terms & Conditions.

Then why they don’t follow the Terms & Conditions in every situation.

Why they cancel the order when buyer creates a ticket and ask them to cancel it why they cancel it even after 25 days of completion. Where as in the Terms & Conditions they have mentioned that they will not cancel any orders after 13 days of marking it as complete.

NOTE: I am not talking about the orders that recently got cancelled because of Paypal chargeback. I am talking about the orders that are cancelled by Fiverr only.

This is what you said:

" ultimately they opened Paypal dispute & got complete refund of $340."

They can’t stop this since it is Paypal doing it, not fiverr.

Fiverr can cancel and refund to the buyer any order at any time it wants. Fiverr wrote the Terms of Service so they get to do whatever they want since it is their site basically.

This seems to happen to sellers who create websites a lot. I’m not sure why.

Because all our projects are mostly of more than $150 or greater.

So if any order is cancelled we have to pay from our pocket the theme or premium plugin price that they paid for.

So ultimately we are at loss.