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Does Fiverr support Sellers who Steal?


Please weigh in as it seems that way to me. Too many Sellers fail to complete their full job, but Fiverr bugs you to rate them so you do but job was 2 gigs and they only completed half, then walk away. It seems impossible to get Fiverr to correct such evils. So, does Fiverr cast its lot with evil and detest good and honesty? I’ve conferred with Fiverr before about their apparent bias towards Sellers against Buyers, but nothing changes. Isn’t it the money or Buyers who drive most every business or professional practice? What say you, fellow Buyer?


Reply to @madmoo: Yes, I agree with what you write and I certainly love what Fiver offers to both Sellers and Buyers. Yet, I’m a very busy person and also enjoy praising the good Sellers, so in haste I offer the praise when asked to do so and only assume the Seller will make good on the rest of the work. Sadly, Sellers that do not are making a very bad name for all the other Fiverr Sellers. Thanks for your comments.



It’s interesting to see similar feelings expressed by sellers about buyers. There are people on both sides of the fence who don’t hold up their ends, but there are also buyers and sellers who go the extra mile.

You can see from the screenshot that I recently contacted a buyer who said she was waiting for updated photos. I had agreed to change the photo’s after the gig was complete. I hadn’t heard from her in a couple weeks so I contacted her to see if the pics were ready.

Personally, I don’t understand why a seller wouldn’t do this. It took me about 5 minutes total to contact her, swap the pics and send it back. As a result I truly believe she’ll come to me for any future gigs.


I think some sellers are here just to finish things in hurry and make money. That sort of attitude is present in almost every freelancing marketplace. The best way to get things out of any seller is, read what seller can offer, present what you want from him, see if both of you agree to some point and then get the work done, if that doesn’t work, then by all means contact support and either get refund or ask the seller to deliver. Always have the requirement present in written form and agreeing to both parties.


Reply to @madmoo: your post should be shown to newcomers and before every order is placed :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: sadly it’s true :frowning:


Reply to @kjblynx: Sorry to be so late in replying but once I’m just way too busy and two the same thought kept coming back to me. Not that I would ever do it, but how could a Buyer “cheat the system and steal the work?” The only way I can figure is a buyer who never approves of the Seller’s work, but receives it and is happy with it and yet never approves of the Seller’s efforts. That would be pure fraud, of course, but evil is out there. I’m probably just the opposite of that Buyer description, as I tend to trust people and believe strongly in thanking - no praising - good work.


Reply to @robdavidson: Buyer has more chances of cheating the system than seller. Many buyers come here and give hard work to the sellers for five bucks which outside fiverr requires more than 30 or so bucks. Many buyers keep on clicking on “mofidification required button” and then reject the work even after the work is completed. Such people are more on fiveer these days than sellers. I do agree with you that some sellers also cheat but they are on much thinner ice than buyers. As paypal and fiverr usually favor buyers in support cases as buyers are the lifeblood of economy than sellers.


Hi everyone,

I just had a horrid experience with a whiteboard illustrator called fragglesrock who was going to do a 15 second illustration for me so that I could see what his work was like before proceeding with larger gigs. I paid my money, spoke to him for over a week about what I wanted - he just kept on getting back to me trying to get me to move off the site and onto his site and pay a few hundred $$. I wasn’t against this, but I first wanted to see what his work was like. He never got back to me. 2 weeks later and I wrote to him twice. No response. I had enough, I needed these illustrations for a presentation at work where I was requesting thousands of our marketing budget dollars to come up with a whole whiteboard illustration campaign. I complained to Fiverr and they gave my money back. It wasn’t about the money it was about the time wasted talking to this scammer who was never going to deliver on his promise in the first place.

Then the abuse started. Please see emails below. I have written to Fiverr to request they block this seller from contacting me but they haven’t done a thing!

So I feel for you @robdavidson if you give an honest opinion of the work done - or in my case just completely not done, you cop abuse and if you write a lovely response hoping they will do the work you get scammed.

Personally there are some pretty big flaws in the system.

Sheriff’s note: Please do not call out sellers or buyers on the forum. Be sure that any screenshots do not contain names or they will need to be removed


The emails get worse…


Hey, I’m just looking over all the comments on this blog begun by me in this past week. First, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to write and comment. Second, if each of you look through these comments, I think we might all agree - and I want all of you to know that I’ve addressed this with Fiverr and they’ve done nothing about it - that certainly Fiverr is GROSSLY biased towards Sellers and apparently, against Buyers. Why might I say this? Well, just look at each name commenting in this blog and you’ll see why. Do you see it? You see Fiverr rewards Sellers with a ranking system, which I for one appreciate. It makes me feel better when hiring a Seller that they have a trusted experience level, like Top Rated, or 2, or 1, etc. Yet, Buyers who pay on time, in full, and leave fair feedback receive NO commendation or designation. As a Seller couldn’t certain problems you’ve had with Buyers maybe be avoided if all Buyers were ranked as well? Let me tell you what is far more powerful: How many Sellers would even use Fiverr if there were no Buyers or just a handful? In the earliest lessons on Economics, we all learn that in business it’s the money that drives everything. After all, there can never be Sales with no Buyers putting up the Money. In fact, all businesses fail when money runs out that formerly supported said business. So, in the big picture, Fiverr is setting a very dangerous precedent for the future of its very business, because Buyers might walk away because they fell begrudged or unappreciated by Fiverr. Then there is no reason for Fiverr Sellers to continue on this site nor for the existence of Fiverr any longer. Granted, that’s not likely to happen but what I’ve read above and can surely be found on blogs throughout this site is that Sellers would prefer knowing a credit system of sorts on Buyers. For me, I know I’m a fair and decent Buyer and would prefer such a rating so Sellers would also feel better about working with me as I can feel when hiring them. Possibly I should have made this a new blog topic but regardless, I welcome further feedback from both Buyers and Sellers.


You are good and I appreciate all you write plus the link to the other forum. Thanks.


Hi there,

I’ve just speed read this thread so sorry if I’m on the wrong page - but if you get a delivery that is not what you paid for / asked for - you can always ask for a modification, which has its own button… somewhere on the order discussion page. This should kick the seller to delivering the full job, because the order is not complete unless you mark it as complete - hence they don’t get their money.

You can also ask for a cancellation, in which you will get your money back.

If all else fails - contact customer support, they are there to help!


I agree to you but most times we work hard for the amount and we don’t received a single penny as the buyers cancel the order. There are many flaws in the system which must be cleared with the time


Reply to @celinedesigns: Actually,orders are “marked as complete” when a buyer leaves feedback or after 3 days, whichever is sooner. There is some misconception about this process (notice there is no “Mark as Complete” button).

Cancellations and Customer Support are alternatives to getting your money back when the seller is unwilling/unable to deliver as promised.

Asking for modifications is your 1st alternative and hopefully the seller is responsive. :slight_smile:


I think many buyers expect way too much for $5. I have purchased from a lot of fiverr sellers and I figure, I am only putting $5 at risk. I have have had some excellent results and I have had some miserable failures. I have tried using Fiverr for website content or blog posts and have been mostly disappointed in the quality…but what should I expect for $5? I will still keep testing writers and when I find one that clicks I will do more work with them, at a higher investment. I live in the US and made it my personal policy that I only work with Fiverrs in the the US. If you don’t like what you get, say so in the review and quit using Fiverr.