Does Fiverr's Resolution Center Really Make Sense?


Hi there,

we really need your help and thoughts on our following problem:

Few days ago, after our 1st month here on Fiverr, we got promoted to Level 1 and the sales started to grow exponentially.

Our only gig is a logo design one where we first provide our customers with 1st draft, and then they have 1 round of revision right to make changes on the 1st drafts. However, few customers don’t write back and disappear. We send them reminder messages, they don’t write back. There are some customers to whom we have written 3 reminders but they just disappear.

When only few hours left and customer still doesn’t respond, we click on the “the buyer is not responsive” button on resolution center and fiverr responds "This order is still in progress. If you are having a hard time delivering the buyer’s request, you may want to ask the buyer to mutually cancel this order."

Dear Fiverr, excuse me, but how can I ask the buyer to cancel when the buyer disappears? And how can I deliver when I don’t know which option the buyer wants or changes he wants to make?

After those few hours, we are late in delivering and Fiverr keeps warning we are late. Then we go to resolution center again by clicking “buyer is not responsive” button, and Fiverr says “Something is wrong with this order. It’s late! You should know: Late deliveries can affect your ratings and Gig delivery stats. Deliver the order right away or ask the buyer to mutually cancel.”.

Dear Fiverr, excuse me, but how can I deliver… and how can I ask the buyer to cancel… when the buyer… just… D I S A P P E A R S…

What are your thoughts on this? How can we handle the situation?

Thank you so much in advance!! We really enjoy the experience on Fiverr and hope you can help us solve this problem.



Reply to @bbetrio3: You have no idea how much your suggestions helped. Our sincere SINCERE THANKS!!!


Reply to @bachas85: Fingers crossed and hope Fiverr is aware of the fact that!


Cancellation will be approved after 2 days from your request if buyer doesn’t respond. no worries


I wonder if the reason they “disappear” is because they are so happy with the first draft. Have you considered simply delivering the first draft again, since they asked for no revision? That might just solve your problem, and allow you to be paid for your hard work. Jamescott


Did you click on “deliver work” button when you send them the 1st draft? I suggest doing that again if you didn’t. That way, the order will close after 3 days and you get your money. This is fair since you took the time to design and deliver 1st draft. If the buyer wants changes, they will ask for it, otherwise, you it’s only fair that you get paid for your work.

Good luck! Hope that helps resolve some of your problems. It is disappointing when someone orders and then doesn’t respond to you. Strange, nonetheless.

And no, the Fiverr’s Resolution Center didn’t help in your case.



thank you sooo much for these valuable comments!

@kireno: but cancellation still negatively affects our ratings, right?

@bachas85: Thank you for the tip! But even though that counts against the person who failed to respond, it is still negatively affecting our ratings as well, right?

This is what we don’t get. Isn’t this too much of a risk (both risk cancellation but also risk of getting negative reviews because you are actually delivering one out of all the options customer was supposed to choose or make changes on). And isn’t Fiverr supposed be willing to boost sales instead of focusing on cancellations?

@jamescott: Excellent point! Indeed, we realized some were just happy and didn’t just bother responding or giving feedback. While some others just disappear.

@bbetrio3: Thank you for this suggestion. We think we will go try your reco. The only risk is customers getting offensive and immediately reacting with negative reviews since they might take this 1st draft delivery as final delivery.

Anyways, guys, thank you so much!


Reply to @bachas85: But we don’t get it. Doesn’t Fiverr want to protect the sellers? Top rated sellers mean more sales also for them, right? Because there are many reasons that are completely out of the sellers but Fiverr always punishes the sellers?


Reply to @piqers: I use the the deliver button the 1st time I send buyer a file, whether draft or final. I don’t think you should see that button as a “final delivery” button. You did work and you are delivering what you’ve worked on. And if the customer wants to edit, whether from a draft or not, he/she would simply use the “modification” button. Then you would work going back and forth until the customer is satisfied with the design. At least with me, I offer unlimited revisions so that’s not an issue for me. If you have a limit on revisions, let them know in your gig description. But if you don’t use the “deliver button”, you can work on revisions for many days on your draft and your order would be marked as late if you don’t finished in the time you promised. So in all, the deliver button should protect you more if you use it. I never had a customer complaint that I use that button and they needed changes, they simple message me to change something. Also, the button tells them that you have something for them to review as opposed to a message. Hope this all makes sense.

bachas85 said: always counts against a seller

...yet never to buyer. Regardless of the circumstance this needs to be fixed, if it counted against the buyer too I can bet money they're be less cancelations and more communication would happen between both parties. Any date on when this will be reviewed?