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Does Fiverr's team even look at the forum?

Hi there,
I was just wondering if Fiverr’s team even looks at the forum - or if they ever did? I think they could help sellers be more efficient if they just listened to their own users for advice. Sure, they should come up with ideas to implement (like the new seller dashboard that wasn’t that great), but they should ask for our feedback and then implement a solution to meet the our needs. I think if they truly listened to buyers and sellers, maybe the $2 service fee would actually be WORTH IT! I think they should have one of their team members take a look at the forum, and then relay what the sellers and buyers think about certain features back to the Fiverr team to make adjustments. That’s how most companies become successful. They:

  1. Implement a Solution
  2. Polish and Refine that Solution
  3. Listen to feedback from their user base and implement and refine a little more
  4. Are Active in letting users now about updates
  5. Have fast and effective support.

Also, I think that since Fiverr is charging a $2 fee, (to “allow Fiverr to provide a stable platform for buyers and sellers to work uninterrupted, and to allow for a better overall experience while using Fiverr.”), they should implement solutions to where the buyer cannot abuse sellers’ services, and get refunds without a good reason. According to the forum, I think this happens to often. Also, their could be an option where buyers can say it was their fault that a cancellation was made, and a support agent could quickly validate this claim.
Let me know what you think.

See comments from Forum Mods. :small_red_triangle_down:

They do. Usually I notice when there’s a controversial thread going on they might even comment on it.