Does FIvver allow us to hire people FULL TIME?


I want to learn CLICK BANK and CLICK FUNNELS

Do we have FULL TIME teachers here on fiverr for those topics?


We are all freelancers. Freelancers work on a per-project basis. We are not full-time employees. Buyers pay us for our skills and services. And when those purchased services are delivered, the order is complete.

A full-time employee usually gets a salary. Are you suggesting that you plan to pay someone a salary to work for you at least 40 hours a week?


Yes, but not as a teacher.

Does Fiverr allow you to hire someone as fulltime?


Fiverr is set up on a gig basis. It’s generally promoted as a per-project format.


Yes, but is it allowed to hire someone fulltime if there’s possibility?


That depends on your definition of ‘hire someone full-time’ and on the inclination of the seller to accept your terms.

The maximum time a seller can select for the gig duration from the drop-down is 30 days. So, in theory, you could hire someone for maximum 30 days at a time, or for 7 days, and repeat that, as long as needed.

Whether you will find a seller who would want to work exclusively for you for a prolonged period, is the other question. Even if they are okay with the offered pay, a freelancer who has regular clients would risk losing them if they can’t accept any of their jobs for a longer while, and then what if you won’t need them any longer after some time.

Generally, as Jon said, Fiverr isn’t set up for long-term quasi-employment.
It’s certainly possible to find sellers who are okay with reserving a big part or all of their monthly Fiverr work time for you, though, if you talk to enough of them.

Whether those sellers and you can agree on the conditions (it’s somewhat dangerous for sellers to rely mostly or completely on one buyer under a system like this, not only for aforementioned reason), and whether those you could agree with on the terms are the ones you’d want, that again is another question.

And keep in mind that conversation and payment would have to stay within Fiverr, the fees stay the same never mind how often you would hire the seller etc.

It’s just not exactly a system set up for what amounts to a regular employment situation only without the usual benefits of such for the working party; there are platforms whose purpose it is to bring employers and employees together, maybe try one of those.


You can not find any gig offered full time service. But you can offer per hour service on fiver