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Does forum activity correspond to success on Fiverr?

I am just curious, as I see many level 2 and top rated sellers here. Then again, there are a lot of new sellers as well. What do you guys think?


No. There are some who post here who fail. Why would there be a connection?

Sellers could learn more about the Fiverr community and meet potential buyers. I’m not sure how often that happens, though.

I’ve had people on the forums buy my readings, but meh not really

There is a connection between the both, but to a smaller extent than someone might think.

2 of my 3000 orders are from people who got to know me from the Fiverr Forum.

From what I’ve read and experienced I would say no. Even forum moderators do t normally see any increase from forum activity. It might get you 1 sale out of hundreds to thousands.

If I remember, I read on fiverr that TRS are chosen by fiverr team based on the ratings and reviews and also their participation on forums. I don’t think only participating on forum would help though, you need to deliver your best to be successful on fiverr.

It is listed in the criteria, but I never posted on here until I became a TRS, so it’s obviously not one of the most stringent points. I think it’s more part of a checklist for the “perfect seller” that they have in mind. Posting regularly on the forum isn’t going to significantly drive sales.

I’ve just remembered one very angry seller who was gloomily posting on here and always complaining that it was ridiculous that he had to post content as if he didn’t he would never be a TRS and that this was why Fiverr sucked. I wonder if he’s still about? Forgotten his username now. Either way, it was pretty funny as he couldn’t see the irony of how he was going about it… hasn’t been back since he learned that it wasn’t necessary (he thought the forum was full of idiots. I mean… some days you come here and he’s not exactly wrong…)