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Does giving BUYERS a negative review affect them as a seller?

I’d like to know if anyone has this answer.

When a buyer gives you negative feedback and then you give the buyer negative feedback, does the buyer get negatively affected in any way? Would their seller rating be affected?


No, because they’re not being rated as a seller.

I wondering if rating buyer is useful at all? I don’t know if their “buyer rating” showed in their profile, but even if it is, we can’t refuse to work with them.

Reply to @miacmht: I have a theory on that. I know that some people can have their accounts banned. I feel like this may also be because of a similar situation to this: What if you sell key chains. Then a rival seller starts getting all your business. If you buy from them and purposely give them bad buyer feedback, then thier business will come back to you. This is dishonest, and the thing that stops it from happening is that if your buyer rating is really low, then Fiverr will ban you from selling too. Just a theory though.

Reply to @chrisvolkay: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!

In the comment link you left here, the Seller PROVES that you are an unreasonable, insulting, incredibly-STUPID buyer!!

This was a my problem too.So now I could solve it because of this post. Thanks all!!!