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Does going 'out-of-office' affect your stats?

The last six months on Fiverr have been pretty good, but I haven’t taken any breaks.

I have a week-long trip with friends coming up next month, and I’m really worried about using the ‘out-of-office’ mode.

Half of my weekly orders come from repeat clients, and I plan on doing their work the week before leaving. But I won’t be entertaining any new orders during that one week, and I don’t know how that might affect my stats.

What do you guys do when you go on holidays? Do you use out-of-office? Have you noticed a prominent dip in orders once you come back?

Thanks in advance for all answers!


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You can keep connected with clients by using the fiverr app.

You will experience drop in sales because this will affect your rankings.



I’ve used the feature once before and I saw a significant drop of orders and earnings in the next month. My suggestion would be to keep the gigs active and then send custom offers (to returning buyers) or extension requests (to new buyers).


yeah it does affect it. I heard someone say that on this forum actually.


Yes, as others have said it will definitely affect the number of sales you get upon return. I usually receive no sales for the first few days after coming back from OOO mode. Usually picks up within a week or so, but 1 week of almost no sales is 1/4 of my month’s income gone, so it’s definitely a big difference. I haven’t found away around it unfortunately :frowning:

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Do you think if I extended my delivery dates by a week - like, a 3 day turnaround would be 10 days - before leaving for the trip, it would keep my page ranking intact? Only those clients who’re okay with the delay would place orders. I’ll also add in my description that I’m away for those dates. And disable the express delivery option.

It’s the only alternative I can think of. What’s your opinion?

I’ve thought of doing that, too, but if anybody filters buyers for 24-hour or 3-day delivery, your gig will not register in their search anyway :frowning: however I suppose you would show up in searches where this isn’t specified.

It could work, but also be prepared to respond to inbox messages while you’re away. I personally like to turn work off if possible while on holiday, but if this works it may be worth it :slight_smile: xx

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Right now, I’m new enough here that I don’t want to rock the boat too much or disappear from the pages for a week. I think I’ll bite the bullet and keep the notifications on. Hopefully, by next February, I’m feeling confident enough with my off-site clients to risk losing revenue for a week or two on Fiverr.

Thanks so much for your advice, Gwyneth! Really appreciate it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Totally understand. Keep an eye out for other replies on this thread, I’ve been doing Fiverr for a few years but there may be others with more experience with this particular problem. Best of luck and enjoy your vacation! :slight_smile: :cupid:

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The more repeat/regular clients you have, the less effect does out of office mode have, and you’ll get some over time. If you get an order or two soon after you’re back, and can finish and deliver quickly, that should help.

Also, as most people say, it takes a few days up to a week to pick up again anyway, and if you are able to and want to “bite the bullet” of having to reply to messages, you could consider turning off out of office mode a day or two or three before you’ll be back, so it won’t take so long to pick up once you’re actually back. In that case, of course, align with your delivery times.

Don’t be too afraid of that mode, though, some days of not having to reply to messages are invaluable … Ah, talking about that though, people who bought from you before, can message you even while in out of office mode, only new people can’t (unless you allow it per checkbox choice), so while in theory you don’t need to reply within 24 hours if you talked to them before, you might want to reply anyhow if they are return and good customers, so the option of longer delivery times (to avoid people ordering and you having to deliver while out of office) but replying to messages might yet be a good choice, especially if you might get messages from former customers and want to reply to those, they might be fine with a longer delivery time if they know you’re briefly away but if they’d not get any reply for days, might look for another seller.

Anyway, some really free time is important too, try to find a balance that works for you.


I’m in the same boat, no pun intended. I’m going on a cruise in October for a week to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. The phone app won’t even work while out in the ocean.

First I thought about raising my prices as high as they could go so no one would be interested. Then I thought about setting my queue to 0. Both will not help me if I get a message from a new client though. I’m just going to set my account to OOO and hit up my returning customers when I get back. Hopefully that will help get the ball rolling for me again.

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This makes complete sense. I’ll do exactly this. Thank you!

I was thinking it would be best to extend my delivery times a few days before the trip (so I don’t get 3 day delivery orders 2 days before leaving), and then keep on the OOO mode from day 0-4 of the 7 day trip. That way, I might have a few orders placed before I get back, and if I can make deliveries from the very next day, hopefully, it won’t be too bad.

Fingers crossed. That’s my plan for now. :sweat_smile:

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Ah, the response rate thing is the killer, otherwise extending the deadline might have worked. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the mountain town I’m going to will have decent network (and hey, maybe even wifi :rofl:). We’ll see.

Thanks for responding, and have fun on your cruise!