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Does having a lot of gigs affect each other's growth?

Please i would like to know if having a lot of gigs stops each other from growing

I am not sure you mean by

Do you mean does having several gigs stop your fellow sellers from growing? :thinking:

Or are you asking if you have a lot of gigs do they conflict with each other? :thinking:

Remember, Fiverr does not allow you to have two gigs that are the same. :grimacing:

I can answer when you clarify the question. :wink:

asking if you having a lot of gigs conflicts with each other?

No, they do not. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting question…
If I could interject briefly… May I ask If I can make TWO gigs? One for colored paintings and another one for black and white drawings or lettering?
Thank you!

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I put up the 2nd gig a few months ago just to see what happens and it even got 1 order and a few hundred views. But people are still buying the one that is more popular and ignoring the other.

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Sure you can! As a new seller, you can make up to 7 gigs. Just make sure you’re not selling the exact same service in them.


Thank you very much!
I am thinking about diversifying my services for more users to find what they want from my work…
Thank you again!

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