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Does having a website help gig sales?

Would creating a website help drive traffic to my gig, or would having a website linked from my seller profile help gain the trust of prospective customers?

I am thinking about creating a website either one focused on blogs or a portfolio style website to help with my Fiverr sales. My thoughts on the blog style website would be to discuss about the benefits of my gigs and link it to my gigs with the focus being on SEO.

Has anyone done this and did it prove worth your time?

I am working on the SEO of my gigs, but still having some trouble as a new seller. my views are up since focusing on SEO but my conversions have not changed, as I have been selling for a month and have only made 3 sales. I’m thinking that a website could help but i’m wondering if the time I would dedicate to a website could be better used in some other beneficial way to my gigs.

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Hi there @hunterteel, Welcome to the Forum, glad you joined us! I love your thread, thank you for sharing. Yes, of course, it is always good to own a website! In a matter of fact, I am busy creating my Travel Blog. From here I will add a portfolio showing my work and backlinking to my gigs here on Fiverr. So you could do the same, it will only benefit you better. I wish you the best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


Thank you @hum_on_the_go! I will get started on it now!

~Hunter T.