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Does ignoring a message effect your response time?


I’m sure everyone gets messages that are spam, some that are just so long they’re not worth reading for $5, some not even in English. So if you ignore a message entirely does it lower the response time on your profile?


Yea if that’s true it really need to be changed. I get a lot of requests I can tell right away are not worth the money the person will pay. I don’t wanna waste time replying to them…


I had the same question too. That actually sucks that we have to answer the first response and that effects our response time. LOL


When I first started I used to get bizarre spam but by the time I got them their accounts had been deactivated & I couldn’t respond even if I wanted to. Never occurred to me that ignoring stuff like that could negatively impact me! Otherwise I’ve always answered any questions I’ve gotten. (Hope admitting this won’t earn me an onslaught of spam!!)