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Does incomplete order's revenue shows up in upcoming earnings?

Please tell me that does incomplete order’s revenue shows up in upcoming earning ?

i have 3 orders in incomplete order but dont know does this revenue adds up in my upcoming revenue ?

Yes. It appears in the upcoming earnings on the top right of your revenue page but is not included in your pending clearance total.

thnx cheezees :slight_smile:

I do not think so, if you are talking about incomplete orders that are marked with yellow color, they do not get counted in your revenues until the buyer provides info. I have dozens of these.

If you are talking about the orders in progress (marked blue), they do count in the upcoming revenues.

Reply to @bkaric: I have an incomplete order where the buyer has not entered the instructions for months. It appears in the upcoming earnings so i always have to remember to subtract $4 from that number to figure out my total.

thanx bkaric :slight_smile:

A buyer has purchased extra Gig (10$) to( do work in 24 hours) approx 10 days before. but till that time amount show in upcoming earning after the completion of project and also today as same show in upcoming earning.please tell me when they would be included in pending clearance.