Does $$ Influence Stats?


I hope someone can shed some light on this. My question is, do orders that cost a lot decrease or increase your stats more than smaller orders?

This is the situation. I ended up cancelling the $600 order today that I had asked about because I did not want to be late. My completion rate was 97% just before I cancelled the order. As soon as I cancelled, the rating dropped to 94%. Less than an hour after, I got an order for $5. It’s an easy gig so it was completed and submitted to the buyer in under 1 hour. The buyer approved and left their rating. My completion rating goes up by 1% to 95%. Why?

Each time I think I am getting the hang of things, something new catches my attention. Anyone knows if this is a thing?


Cancelling order definitely hurts to your sales. Try to avoid cancel large amount of orders. It really hurts to your sales and rating… Please contact buyer before starting large amount of orders what exactly needs.


I understand cancellation brings down your completion rate. However, I’d think if I lose an order and lose some percentage, I’d get back that same lost percentage, having gained an order that was completed.


From what I understand, that is correct. Same impact on your completion rate whether you cancel $5 job or $100 job.


That’s what I thought but I can’t fathom why it did not go back up to 97%. Hmm.


You can ask CS to take a look at it.


34 orders completed and 2 canceled in the last 60 days. Dang, it looks right


I have also noticed that the % is a bit weird.

I have had one cancellation on November 25.
My completion rate dropped at 98%. Since this cancellation, I have delivered many gigs but I am still at 98%.


The stats have always been a little off. For example my analytics page shows two different amounts I have earned in the last 30 days in two different places.

In your case, some old orders might have scrolled off at the same time so your number of orders is now less than it was.


From my understanding, the rate can be calculated like this:

Percentage = (Number of orders complete)/(Number of orders closed)*100

  • At first you have 35 orders closed, 34 complete, 1 cancelled
    Your completion rate percentage = 34/35*100 = 97.1% (roundly 97%)

  • After you cancelled the order in queue, you have 36 orders closed, 34 complete, 2 cancelled
    Your completion rate percentage = 34/36*100 = 94.4% (roundly 94%)

  • Assume that you complete one more orders, then you have 37 orders closed, 35 complete, 2 cancelled
    Your completion rate percentage = 35/37*100 = 94.6% (roundly 95%)

Just my theory but the result matches your rating well, right?


This can definitely happen. Since it’s measured over time and apparently updates at varied times of day, your stats can appear to go up or down even when it appears nothing has changed that day.


@shashanewallace Fiverr is a business platform cancelling $600 is really bad for them, that why you should mention to your client to contact you first before ordering.
Does $$ Influence Stats? YES


People still order even if you mention in your profile, though. I’ve tried mentioning it, bolding it, and people will still go ahead and order :confused:

Also, that doesn’t really answer the question. Sure, it’s bad for the platform, but does it impact your cancellation rate more than smaller orders?

From my experience, they don’t. I’ve had the misfortune of canceling several big orders due to mistaken orders or other circumstances, and they don’t seem to hit my cancellation rate particularly hard. I’d agree with everyone above that the cancellation rate itself is just really wonky.


i can not say more #newbie :baby:


We are all newbies on this blessed day :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes sense to think that it does impact stats, but I’m secretly glad that it doesn’t. Sometimes clients place big orders that they later decide to cancel. If that punished me even more than it does now…:zipper_mouth_face:


It’s not the price of an order, but the quantity. 10 orders that result in 5-star ratings help me more than 2, regardless of the price of the gig.

Another issue is how many orders you have completed. I have done so many that it takes more than one negative review to send my ratings down. On the other hand, it takes a lot of positive reviews to increase my ratings.

I think it’s a good idea to have some gigs at $5/$10 just to raise your ratings faster.


Makes no difference - buyers do not have to ask permission to place orders regardless of the value.

NO - it doesn’t - I asked precisely this question before to be on the safe side. It’s purely the number of cancelled orders over a 60 day rolling period, not the $ value.


Gee that sounds familiar. On another topic, does cancelling a gig hurt my stats? :roll_eyes: