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Does it affect the ranking of gig in anyway if one edits the description?

I want to know if editing gig description, pricing or image (title and tags kept untouched) affects ranking or sales. If it’s not confirmed that it does, then let’s discuss on this topic and share our experiences.


Well it turns out that lately making any change to your gig, takes it off search results for a short period of time.

It’s still unconfirmed whether or not that’s due to the fact that an actual person reviews your changes.


That is something I experienced last week, I made a small change in my gig and the last thing I know that it was nowhere to be found in search results, it wasn’t even in that category of related service providing gigs, but after a day (approx) it got back.

So, I guess, it’s possible that you are right, maybe actual person reviews the top ranking gigs and their edited changes because if this would be bots than the results of the ranking gigs after changes would have been instant, such as the drop in ranking.

However, at last, the concern is, the disappearance or drop in ranking of the gig after some modifications is something only for review period of time or permanent.

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Very interesting question, I’ve been asking that myself lately since I realize that when I make a change to my gig the next day I have less buyer. But I have don’t have fact to back it up so it’s only a feeling. XD

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I have very bad experience about gig edit, i lost my all think just update gig, no order no views. very disappointed.

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Yes it does. But for a short period of time. Thats what I experimented.


What changes? If the description, then did you made major changes or minor changes?

I am so sorry to hear that buddy. Just keep up the good work, you will see it coming. Wish you good luck :slight_smile:

Tell us more? What are the changes did you experimented with? Description, Images, Tags? And if description then was it major changes or minor?

I was updated my gig in few days ago, now i see no order even no good views in my gig. Please help me by your opinion about the matter. Thanks

Video, images, and slight change in description.

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Hey buddy, try changing it back to as it was before the changes and see if it’s working. But experiment it if only if you aren’t getting any views or conversion right now.


It’s usually when I change the Thumbnail and the description on the bottom of my gigs. I think the Thumbnail might be considered a major change, and usually the description is just adding and correcting a few words.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Will be looking at other people’s posts.

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Do share if you notice anything new.

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