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Does it effect my gig ranking?

If my gig rank on page 1 and i change the title, image and tags doest it effect my gig ranking or not??

Yes, I think it would!

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Then it’s a bad news for me :frowning:

Just make sure to use the right seo words and tags.

If you do that, they should not affect your sales.

I change my titles, description & tags often precisely to rank up my gigs. :slight_smile:

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I did the same thing to rank my gig but now i’m worried that it might be effect my ranking this time

Why would you change the title etc. if it was working well for you?

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No i was just asking to make sure in case if i change it

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I see now! That makes sense.

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Yup :slight_smile: Thanks Offlinehelpers

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I recently did it few days ago, to rank up my PDF to Word conversion gig.

It was on the 3-4th page, and after changing my title, tags and description it moved the first on the 2 page.


I did the same thing my gig rank on 10 page and I change image titles and tags.
first 2 days I can’t find my gig in ranking then it came back to 10 page and then day by day it goes to 9 and then 7 and 5 :slight_smile:


Hey, i also changed my gig’s title and little changes in gig category but gig’s url is same. Will it effect my gig’s ranking? Please share your experience.

I changed the name of my gig and it actually went up in search instead of down. I don’t know if this will be the same for you, I’m just saying that for me it did not have that effect.

Yes it effects your gig ranking. My gig was ranking on the first page and after editing it went to page 7 and now after 2 weeks it came to 2nd page.