Does it get easier after you make your first sale?


Hey there, right now I am struggling to make my first sale here on Fiverr. I’m spending more and more time with the website and learning more things and concentrating on improving my gigs. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time, I feel productive all the time and I’m positive I’ll make my first sale soon. Although I have to admit I’m relying on the fact that it’ll all get easier and pay off once I make my first sale, so I want you guys to break it to me. Does it get easier after making the first sale and will I get sufficient orders after it?

Also, you can give me review of my profile and gigs, suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome. Thanks so much for taking time out and reading this!


Nobody can give you any assurance about this. Welcome to the world of freelancing.


Haha, I mean I’m asking for what people experience. A little guidance about what happens next


It doesn’t get easier OR harder…it’s just getting the first one out of the way and on to the next one.
As @mariokluser said…freelancing.
All you can do is what you’re doing. Make the best services you can, market your services and work towards the next sale.
I’ve heard it said that “it doesn’t get easier, you just get better”. That should be your focus.

Good luck!


Damn, that really helped. Thanks! :grinning:


It depends. When you are hungry, does your stomach get full when you take the first spoon? Fiverr has provided us with all the ingredients. It’s up to us to look for the recipe book, learn how to cook something delicious, cook it then eat it… Then it gets easier.


OK, here it is:
If you mess up with your first order and receive a 1-star-review your career here is toast.
If you shine with your first order and receive a 5-star-review, you have a good start and still no guarantee that there will be a next order anytime soon.
This is all there is.


Yup! You pretty much summed it up to a T. :smile:


It’s like any other business. Harder to get the first sale, but sustained success takes far more too. Nobody knows if I fooled a few people or my Mom purchased the first half dozen gigs.

As your business matures, hopefully you earn some repeat clients, but if you don’t continue to provide value for them, they will simply go find someone else.

Tip: Consider your first 50 orders just going to school and learning about your business. Never stop refining and finding ways to offer additional value to your clients.

Keep growing, get better, refine your marketing, don’t stop.


it varies person to person… btw best of luck bro !


No it doesnt.
It gives you different experience on every order


For some people it does and for some it doesn’t. It varies among sellers if you get sales or not. It’s all up to you.


Well, thanks to all the people that have make Contributions. Am new on fiverr as well. @karanbhasin808 We continue to learn the drill, rome was not built in a day.


It only gets easier if that buyer will become a “Repeat Buyer”

I think even you become a Level 1 Seller or anything doesnt give you the privilege to sell like everyday… I’m kinda new and I have only 9 items sold and now I’m just waiting… Well, I do think that patience is the most important thing here. If you keep a positive attitude I really think that something good will happen. So keep it up!

On the other hand, the only thing I really hate the most is that you’ll have to wait like forever to have your funds so you can go for a Bank Transfer… wich is really annoying, cause you cant make Fiverr your monthly revenue…