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Does It matter If I edit my gig after several orders completed?

I’ve on Fiverr since February and get several orders completed. Now I want to edit my description and change/update my Image/Video in my Gigs. Does It affect my traffic when clients searching for services?

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Editing a gig will remove it from search while the edit is verified, the time it takes varies from a few hours to a few days, but is usually within 24-48 hrs.

Depending on the changes you make, yes, but no one can predict if that traffic will go up or down.

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Hi imagination7413.
Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate It. I’m about to add some keywords which I thought It would be catchy for SEO. And also I haven’t add a video of myself to introduce my gig, now I want to add It in each gig. Thank you so much and hope you grow well on Fiverr career!