Does it matter if your order is late even if the customer is happy?



Recently I have been having more late orders because customers keep wanting revisions. Will this hurt my sales in the long run? The customer usually doesn’t mind if its late and is always happy in the end.


I didn’t see any negative reviews on your gigs, unless you deleted a gig that had negative reviews. So I’m not sure why you’re 99%. But I’ll tell you this, there’s two types of lateness.

  1. Seller lateness: When you deliver after the deadline, this is bad because the seller can force cancel and it hurts you.

  2. Buyer-created lateness: Due to revisions, this I don’t think affects you, I think the clock stops when a buyer demands a modification.

    My advice is this, right now I have two orders due in 22 hours, I will do them tonight, that should give my buyers more than enough time to demand revisions. Of course, for me revising is easier because I’m a writer, I’m told art work can take longer, unless it’s something simpler.

    Some artists deliver four options so the buyer picks one, that might mean one revision or no revision instead of a lot of back and forth.