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Does it really matter if you're active on the forum?

Let’s set it once and for all, I’ve heard so many different opinions on this topic. But from my experience, when i posted a question about my gig, the day after when i got my reports on impressions and clicks there was almost a 500% increase in impressions (I’m a new seller so about 40-50 impressions per day, not a lot of clicks but I’m working on it).
But right now, when I wasn’t active here I only got 3 impressions and 0 clicks. Many experienced freelancers say that forum doesn’t help, while some of them say otherwise. I’m really curious, since I don’t have buyer’s requests and this is probably the only way I can get traffic to my gig. Thanks!


Sometimes forum dwellers will click on new profiles and gigs to see what they’re about.

I think the main reason some newbies post a topic like ‘Please tell me how to improve my gig’ is to drive traffic in the belief it will magically improve their stats.

But it’s always been my understanding that there is no link between how you interact with the forum and your seller / buyer account.

As a long term Fiverr seller, your impressions and clicks will dramatically go up and down over time as part of how Fiverr promotes gigs in the search results.


Unless a buyer specifically browses the forum to find people to work with, which is unrealistic and that rarely happens, you will not receive any type of sales from the forum. Thinking that means you’re just lying to yourself.

The forum is separate from Fiverr’s main site, so it doesn’t matter if you post here every day and reply to every message.


Thank you, sir. May I ask what is your ratio of impressions and clicks? (eg. 3:1) Since mine is like 15:1, I don’t know if it’s good or not.


Thank you! So is it just a coincidence?

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Sometimes they are really looking for help, I did that too the first time I came here, but they won’t get orders through forum anyway xd


And thank you @mildapetraityt for posting this kind of topic. I’ve got some nice answers that I was searching for.

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People most likely check your profile on Fiverr to see what you are doing, selling and stuff. But that doesn’t mean you are getting sales.


I do agree with you, but at the same time I’m also a natural cynic!

Earlier this morning there were three posts in a row all with similar titles around ‘impressions and clicks down’. I honestly don’t know why people get so hung up on these stats.

It’s nearly impossible to meaningfully influence the impressions as Fiverr decides where gigs are positioned (people talk about SEO and ‘advertise on social media’ - yawn!), and if clicks are low then a seller needs to be able to understand why in order to do anything about it - this is often down to poor language skills, unconvincing content, etc. But a decent seller will have got this sorted already.


Shhhhht, don’t tell them ! :rofl:

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Traffic to your gig is of no benefit unless that traffic comes from those who are your target audience and likely to buy your gig.

If you type “active on the forum” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Impressions come from other sellers that may click on your profile out of curiosity. Those are not your target audience. Buyers don’t spend so much time on the forum and is unlikely they get on the forum to search people to hire. As everyone else said, the forum is a separate website from Fiverr. As a seller, I didn’t discover it after a month of joining. Imagine what do one time buyers know about the forum: nothing.

You can realize where your impressions come from if you have lots of impressions but almost no clicks. It is likely just forum members taking a look at your profile.

Stats (if you have a decent or good quality gig) are highly dependant on Fiverr: gig rotation and certain rankings that are sometimes unknown for most sellers. So don’t worry about low impressions, they tend to be because of Fiverr.


always active in Fiverr,

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Yes Absolutely Right @english_voice, Though I am sharing my gigs all social media forum and in just a month have completed orders with 5 stars rating but the thing is that I am also not getting impression and likes even I evaluated my gig and analysis it, Its scored 90% and I have also pass the fiverr test too but all in vain hope so in days coming I would get best.

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And… cue the saying, “There is always ONE who has to come in and say THAT”…

Impressions have nothing to do with clicks. Impressions are just how many times your Gigs are seen on the Fiverr site. Clicks are when someone actually clicks on your Gig to read it and possibly order.

While impressions and clicks are great, it is ORDERS you want. And, I think your uptick in impressions has absolutely NOTHING to do with being active on the forum. Nothing. Probably serendipity and just your Gig’s turn to be shown on the site.




Thank you for that. Have a great rest of your day :slight_smile:

Honestly, it probably does. I’ve been a level 2 seller with all my requirements for a pro level seller for over 6 months. When I reached out to support, they said it’s a manual selection process and community forum appearance is looked at and taken into account. I’ve never been active in the forum until now. I can’t help but to think that the forum is the reason I haven’t been promoted yet but not 100% sure. This is my first post haha. Hi everyone!

Hello to you as well.

Okay, that is interesting, but also far too vague to be useful. I can interpret that three different way, just off the top of my head. Positive, negative, and neutral.

We look to see if you’ve participated (no indication on if they look into quality)
We look to see if you break the rules or are a disturbance (negative)
We look to see if you’re a helpful and contributing member (positive)

Depending on what they look for, it’s completely possible some of the people who join just to ‘be active’ are badly hurting their chances of advancement without even knowing.


I think you mean TRS, not Pro.

Many Top Rated Sellers got their shiny golden badge without ever posting on the forum.


As far as my experience sometimes its harmful to post your gig on forum as I suffered. I posted my gig here, then just after a moment “A person message me than send me offer instead of any query or discussion about any requirements” he sent me custom offer so silly.