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Does it Right to Charge More than 5 dollars?

its a difficult situation because when you charge just 5 dollars for the job there is a large probability that you came across a scam buyers, because for them it is easy to spend just 5 dollar and give you a hard time with negative review.on the other hand if you charge higher than the 5 dollars it will be difficult to get the orders in the initial stage…How to get out of this Situation???

I think that it might be a good idea to increase your prices; this might reduce the number of “scammers” you have to work with.

While some might argue that it doesn’t help reduce the number of scammers and that you find scammers at all price points, I have personally noticed that the quality of buyers improves (and the number of scammers reduces) as you increase your prices.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thank You man For Your Kind Reply