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Does it seem legit?


A buyer messaged me to do 5 tasks for 5 dollars each, and each task should take around 30 minutes. He has told me to submit those tasks on an external website, after which he will pay me the collective amount. He has stated that it is a long term work.

Should I go for it? He has joined Fiverr earlier in December, and has 6 reviews, all saying “Outstanding Experience”, one from a lady and other 5 from the same guy.

Can anyone advice me on this? I dont think I can mention the user here, might be against the rules.


Forgot to mention that he also stated that he will pay that amount through Fiverr, which would be great as it would improve my activity here, and I might even get a chance to improve my ratings.

I think Ill take a shot here and just roll the dice. Will comment here again once Im done, so we’ll find out whether it was a scam or not. Risk worth taking at this stage and level I am on.


I would make sure he places an order with you before you do ANYTHING. Sure, if you’re happy to do it you can submit the work where he wants you to, putting links to it in the message box when you ‘deliver’ the order on Fiverr.

This way you have the proof you’ve done the work, and the security that the money is at least half-way to you…


You can do as he says, but be aware that you have zero guarantees that he will actually pay you.

“Long term work” is usually a bait to get work for free.

The usual advice is: never start working before the buyer places the order through the Fiverr system.


Only do jobs you want to do for the rate you want.

Only do jobs with an active order.

On a first order with a new client, do a simple one task, Not a complicated multiple order.

Always communicate and deliver within the Fiverr system. This documents your work and communication so Fiverr can audit it if needed.

Over delivering the value for a period of time will help you level up quicker when starting. At that point you can adjust your rates. I did about 100 jobs in my first 30 days on Fiverr. What I did was offer a tremendously better deal than my competition. That Fueled my Fiverr.


I agree with Catwriter. I have had similar requests and I do not accept them.

Some Buyers will proclaim that if they like your work they will place more orders. That is often seen as code for “Give me more than you are offering”.

My advice is do the best work you can and always under-promise and over-deliver.

Always get the order and then do the work. My regular Buyers get more. I am willing to work with them if they have special requests regarding their orders but never until the gig is started and always within the ToS and guidelines that Fiverr has in place.

These policies help both the Buyer and the Seller by keeping things on the same page.

I hope this helps.

I hope you have many happy Buyers!


I think a few people here forget the main issue.

Do NOT do work, deliver, take payment… or communicate at all outside Fiverr.

Everyone keeps saying how it’s a bad idea… but nobody is saying that working outside Fiverr can get you banned from the site.


Yes bigbadbilly, it can get you banned. The ToS and guidelines are to protect everyone.