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Does it worth to sell real professional Personaltraining-Service on Fiverr?

Hi Guys!

im new in the internetmarketing thing and i´ve took some days to take a look on Fiverr. In my niche i see very much “Personal Fitness or Nutrition-Trainer” who dont seem very professional or know what they talking about.

I dont want to attack anyone with this ascertainment! I learned Fitnesstraining, Nutritioncoaching, Personaltraining, Anatomy, medicin, Phsyio, chemical reactions and so on for years and my study cost over 20.000€. . . Ive real License for my profession.

But does it make a difference on Fiverr?

Im afraid to hear these two things from you:

  1. Does it would worth to sell my service on fiverr, in your opinion?
  2. How can i show my clients, how good my service and how professional i am ?

Thank you for your opinion!

I’ve seen a few who make a lot of sales selling nutrition and fitness plans on fiverr.