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Does late delivery affect our standing in any way? [ARCHIVED]

It depends on the situation. Late deliveries do factor into your eligibility and status for some features like Express Gigs.

How your buyer rates you has more weight than when you deliver. If you deliver late, but in the end your buyer is happy with your work and leaves you positive feedback, that will count more than the fact that it was delivered late.

In general it is important to coordinate with your buyer because once you’re late, the buyer is free to cancel or leave negative feedback which can negatively affect your status and ratings.

If the buyer isn’t responsive in time and you aren’t sure of how they will react to work delivered late, you may want to consider mutual cancellation and if you don’t get a response on time, contact the Fiverr Support Team.

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I have several services which are described in English, and yet people repeatedly purchase them and do not speak enough English to give me the info to complete a gig, and therefore cancel it - this has hurt my rating several times. I have also had a buyer refuse to give me the info to complete a gig, and then leave negative feedback because I wouldn’t visit his site to download a file (when NO downloading was promised - in fact, the opposite was specified). What can I do about that?

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Same here…plus I have people who want me to do a reference check, for a 9-5, Monday through Friday business, who order on a Friday at 5PM, with my promised deadline of 2 days active. I can’t stay competitive without running over, but this means I’m also going to damage my rep due to the “rules” that I outline and most sellers do not follow. I specifically tell people to contact me PRIOR to ordering a certain type of gig, and they do not - they order anyway and then have to cancel because they can’t/won’t meet the pre-reqs.

Reply to @arnevb: That’s what I got from this…doesn’t make any sense.

My client ordered four short stories from me (one if four parts) and was unable to have them staggered because of fiverr’s setup. She is happy to extend them for me but the site has no way of showing that.

I do design services. I send the first revision on time, but I generally have to add a few elements which has made a project late. client still rated stars at the end. but horrible if revisions will make a job late.