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Does Late Delivery affect your sales?

Recently I had to face with a late delivery. Now I have no orders at all for one week.

Is there a connection between sales & late deliveries?



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My understanding is Fiverr takes into account late deliveries as a negative from a seller’s perspective. I’m not suggesting one late delivery would significantly affect you in an adverse way, however for best results in search rankings it is best to deliver in time.

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nope, i think it’s if the buyer decided to give you a negative feedback for the late delivery…

Fiverr only allows 150 MB to deliver your orders. You can use dropbox or google drive to send files to cust

There certainly seems to be a connection between late deliveries and new orders. In January, I was late (by a few days) in delivering 2 of my orders. I was busy with exams, and my clients were okay with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to deliver on time. When I delivered, both of them posted great reviews, yet I didn’t get any sales for at least a week, and hardly any orders the whole of February. It was real bad. shudders

Once I had delivered a few orders on time, new orders started flowing in again. March was good. April was better and May has been wonderful.

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Probably none affect on your sale if you did’t get any order you should update your GIG description and change your first image on portfolio and try to another unique Title

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Clients hate late deliveries, if you deliver on time or better yet, early, your clients will love you, and you’ll get paid faster. Remember, it takes 14-days for your money to clear, so by being late you’re not just delaying your client, you’re delaying yourself.

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I this definitely its make bad effect on gig i’m same here i was in some problem of my internet connecting therefore i deliver some orders late and now my gig showing down in search results and i’m not getting orders…


Osman shahbaz

When uploading files for my book trailer, I got a prompt that says: ‘maximum files reached.’ How do I resolve this? I still have more files to upload!

Make multiple deliveries. You can click “deliver now” more than once.

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I had one late delivery a couple of weeks ago and my sales are less than half what they usually are. I’m not sure if this is the reason.

If the buyer agree to extend delivery time on an order that got late.
Is it still considered as late?

For extend the time you need to resolution and ask fiverr to extend time as per client want

If the buyer agrees to extend the delivery time, what then?
If it is few hrs after the delivery that the resolution is accepted
Is the delivery still taken as late and affect selling or not?