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Does Level 2 increases traffic on the gigs?

As i am Level 1 right now but due to bug on Fiverr and new year vacations i am away from getting Level 2 yet but still i want to know whether the traffic increases or not?

No. Fiverr levels do not guarantee more traffic to your gigs. If you want more traffic to your gigs, you will have to work for it, by promoting your gigs elsewhere other than here on Fiverr. Take responsibility for your own success.

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thank you for always guiding me God Bless

I would say no. While it might help a little that people can filter for level 2 and above, there is also a down side. When you are fairly new and sometimes into Level 1, you show up in the “New” column and Fiverr gives you a bit of a boost in search. After leveling you drop out of that category. I don’t think it hurts you overall, people like that you have the experience of level 2, but it really balances out. Leveling is just a small piece in the Fiverr puzzle.

thank you