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Does Level 2 require each completed order to be reviewed?

Hi I have just hit my 50th order! But Level 2 didn’t tick over.

48 of my gigs have been “positively reviewed” and 2 are “not reviewed”.

Will this make a difference whether I get to Level 2? I only have 2 days left till the 2 months end! Thanks for your help!

No. Reviews don’t matter except for meeting the “above X stars” criteria. While levels are usually award by an automatic process, the timing can be a little iffy. I wouldn’t worry if you have a definite 50 complete and non-cancelled sales within 2 consecutive months. It will happen. If it doesn’t happen automatically within a few days you can contact Customer Support. If you meet all the criteria they can make sure the level is awarded and if you don’t meet it they can tell you why.

Incredible. thank you for the prompt response!

Glad to help. :slight_smile: