Does limit orders in queue feature affect on account?


I want to know that does limit orders in queue feature affect on the account as sometimes we need to do it. Please, someone, help me. It would be a great help for me.


No. None. (20 characters)


I probably does, went from 5000+ impressions a day to 300+ impressions a day because I used limit orders feature for a week. But at least, that has given me some control.


Did you reach your limit when it happened? That would be normal, if you had reduced impressions once you reach it.


I think it may not shown in the search results once it reaches the limit.


yes sometime gigs with limit not showing in search results.


That was after removing the limit orders feature…actually it’s for the best, as I am back to the days of bigger orders, fewer orders…more control for me this way.


When you removed limit orders your impressions dropped?


After your gig reaches the limit, your gig will simply be “PAUSED”, until you turn the limit off or complete the existing orders.

And if you take a long time to finish the existing orders and your gig remains as “PAUSED”, your “ORDER COMPETITION RATE” will likely to be decreased.

So, simply, it depends.


That’s interesting, I’m using limit orders in queue on all gigs, since always, since I already can’t control the gig multiples buyers can theoretically select. And pretty low limits, too, like only 1 or 2 for some gigs.


Yes…(20 char)