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Does long delivery = no buyers?

Hi there,
I started on Fiverr just over a week ago with a few different gigs. I have had one order, and a couple of other buyers contemplating. My problem is though, I am not full time on fiverr, I am still in school and so I only have 1-2 hours working on fiverr gigs a day. My first order is unfortunately very late, so I need to change the delivery time but I’m worried that if I increase the delivery time to say four days (just to allow for any assessments in school eg) that I will not gain any orders. Advice? Thanks.

Hi changing delivery time don’t affect the gig but i just got a quick suggestion for you since you are saying that you cannot spend more than 2 hours on fiverr and you cannot deliver within short time but on the other hand you are offering services like “Be your Virtual assistance for 4 hours” and convert “50 video files to audio within 24 hours” so my suggestion is to only offer those services here on fiverr which you can deliver within time specified in your gig else it will only have a bad affect on your profile. Thanks!!

If you want to make big money on Fiverr, then you have to treat it like a real job. Delivery time is really important, and is highly valued by Fiverr’s ranking algorithm. For example, there are sellers in my category with an equally strong portfolio of reviews who’ve been on Fiverr longer than I have, but I’m ranked higher than they are because I deliver faster. If you’re not willing to treat your Fiverr profile like a real job, then I guarantee you’ll get displaced on the Fiverr website by sellers who do. And if this is a part-time thing that you just market on your own website or to your FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. friends, then delivery time isn’t as important. But again, if you want to rank high Fiverr, then treat this like a real job and show up.

I was wondering the same thing! Thanks for posting

Exactly, over delivery is a service or a perk that you must include on your gigs that can make the differenc, that and also fast response when an inbox arrive, nobody likes waiting, no when someone is on a hurry, so take advantage of that.