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Does Lower profile ratings effect Getting New orders! PERSONAL EXPERIENCE


Well. this is only my personal opinion and based on my Experience!

when i started working on fiverr . 1st few months my rating was 99% ! and was getting avg 2 to 3 work everyday!
then i had an accident and could not continue my work in fiverr, and also did not put my account in vacation mode.
and when i back again after 1 and half month , i saw 15/16 orders that got cancelled cause could not deliver on time . and all 1 star review! people who does not know., if you did not deliver the design in time and buyer request to the fiverr to cancel the order, it automatically marked as a 1 star review, and the result is my ratings dropped down to 94%

And we all know its maybe very easy to get 5 star, but recovering bad ratings its very hard , need lots of positive reviews to make your ratings better

But. i had some previous good work in my gig profile. so when i back to the work again. people asking me . if i am available to work, they saw lots of cancelled order, then i explain them in shortly what happened, and if you talk with people nicely , i think everyone understand that, and i started getting order again from the same day

i just change the delivery from 3 days to 1 day. and drop down my all gig price almost in half. i was badly trying to recover those ratings . and i think reducing the price and delivery time helps to attract more buyers. not sure for other people , but it did work for me

within 2 month my account started rolling even better then before. and guess what I did again, i increase the price. and make delivery date 5 to 6 days. cause i was getting that much order, for me was bit hard to maintain all work in one day!

But my ratings was just 95%. i may be finished 150+ work with 5 star. but very disappointing when you dont know when your rating going to the next level. then i make a calculation, how to figure out my ratings, now i know how much review i need if i want see my ratings from 95 to 96%. maybe its not the correct way. but works for me and always accurate

suppose you have total 116 reviews. 8 neg and 108 positive
so calculation will be
Neg review/positive reviewx100 = result
then 100- result = your rating

so if neg 8 and positive 108

8/108= 0.075x100= 7.4
100% - 7.4% = 92.6% (but when your rating pass 92.5 it will be 93) so every .5 count as next percentage

i know math does not help to make your rating better. but when you know the goal, or how many reviews you need.
mentally i feel better! otherwise doing lots of work, getting lots of good review, but not changing the ratings is frustrating!

Thanks For reading :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that you had an accident and happy for you that you are doing great again. Dont stuck on percentages just continue delivering the awesome work… Thumbs up for you man :+1: