Does Modifications Hurt Sellers' Position in Search?


I was getting semi-consistent orders until a buyer kept requesting modifications (stuff that I had to charge more money for), and ever since then, the impressions on my gig has dropped down severely.

Has anyone else experienced this?

It sucks because the buyer liked my work, but he just wanted to add additional stuff where he happily paid extra for.


Considering that there are no official information on this, we are only able to speculate.

Most Sellers believe that a large number of Revision requests do harm your Gig ranking.


Expect Fiverr Devs of course. :smiley:


yes it does . All those sellers are right. As i’ave contacted fiverr team and discussed it.


Really, any info about it?


I wouldn’t like to put money on that. :slight_smile:


Interesting, Fiverr definitely warns sellers when cancelling a gig it may hurt their ranking.

It’s safe to speculate that it very well may lower your search rankings…