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Does Modifying an Order Count as a Cancellation

A buyer has recently placed an order without contacting me and purchased my basic video production package, they have however selected the incorrect one for what they requested, they should be paying for the intermediate package which is significantly higher in value. If I go into the resolution centre and select " modify the order " and select:

“The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order”

Will this count as cancelling the order? I do not want my completion rating to drop, what would people advise in this situation. It is the first time it has happened, usually people get it right.


No, it wouldn’t. Only cancelled orders counts as cancelled, not modified.


Thanks for replying so quickly, in the event that the buyer refuses to pay the extra amount how would this then pan out, would it have to be a cancelled order and I take the hit on the completion rating?

It depends on you, if they refuse to pay more you can agree and do their work for a cheaper price (which I never do, it’s a big no no for me) or cancel it yourself or contact fiverr support team and try your luck to ask them to cancel without affecting your ratio.

Okay, I will bare this in mind, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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